Ooohhh Sexy Cardi Marty

IMG_5492 IMG_5493 IMG_5494 IMG_5495 IMG_5496The weather in Florida is so bipolar I can’t even keep it straight. Hence why we’ve been a sick house for a full week now! #sendhelp But just so you know wearing a thick warm cardigan with sandals is not out of the norm here. I’m rocking my most favorite compression leggings by Belly Bandit. Mother Tucker FOREVER. Also, remember when it was a mortal sin to wear navy and black and brown together… now it’s cool, and all on my sweater. This outfit is playground appropriate, but also works for a cute morning coffee date. Wish I was going on a cute morning coffee date, any one want to take me out on a cute morning coffee date!? Tired. No sleep. Sick house. Blerg. Happy Tuesday!

The 12 things I’ve been watching without cable

So one thing I hear all the time about life post children is that you no longer have time for television. I can’t say I agree. I no longer watch the 10 or more shows at a time that I used to… Heck, I don’t even have cable anymore, but I’ve found that just means you are more selective with what you watch. But when you have a newborn that won’t be put down and a toddler that takes 3 hour naps, you watch many hours of television. F guy naps the same time as Rocco now, so I eat lunch and watch my programs. I’ve found so many amazing shows via Netflix, Amazon, etc. Ummmm and hello, why didn’t anyone tell me Netflix and Chill meant to have a bootycall!?!? Am I seriously the only person that had no idea!? Any who, I love a good crime thriller as you can see and you’ll quickly catch on to the fact that a good deal of my “must watch shows” are courtesy of the BBC or about Brits. I LOVE me some British shows.
MarcellaMarcella. Netflix. This one gave me nightmares, but I couldn’t stop watching. DCI (detective in British speak, you’ll see this a lot in my list) Marcella Backland is back to work after a long hiatus when a long dormant serial killer comes back to town. It’s. So. Good.

LutherLuther. Netflix. DCI John Luther has a serious anger problem. He solves all the worst crimes in London, think like Dexter style baddies, all while his marriage falls apart and he seemingly loses all reason. Not only is the acting amazing, Idiris Elba is GORGEOUS. Hey boy, heyyyyy.

Broadchurch-logoBroadchurch. Netflix. You guys. You. Guys. This is the best show you aren’t watching. The small seaside town of Broadchurch is crushed when a young boy is found dead. It is unbelievably good. Twists and turns. And David Tenant (yes, Dr. Who) and Olivia Colman as DCI Hardy and Miller are literally brilliant. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll gasp. Like seriously, you’ll be all like OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL?!?! NOOOOOO. That kinda good.

thecrownThe Crown. Netflix. There’s a reason everyone cannot shut up about this. It’s fascinating. Claire Foy, Matt Smith (another Dr. Who), and John Lithgow are out-of-control good!

ctmCall the Midwife. Netflix. Dudes. So it’s not secret I’m obsessed with childbirth. This show is a peak into the lives of midwives at Nonnatus House. It’s based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth and it’s just crazy to see what was normal for childbirth in the 50s-60s among the lower class British.santaSanta Clarita Diet. Netflix. Soooooo I was bored one afternoon and didn’t want to be productive, hello story of my life… So I saw this was on Netflix and guys, I like love-love Timothy Olyphant. It’s been a long standing love spanning many years. The Captain was not always a fan, but it is safe to say he has a man crush on him now. He’s one of the most talented and funny actors in the biz. Check out his interviews on Conan, here and here and here and this one too. You too will love him. So good looking, so funny. I remembered seeing him doing press and discussing SCD and was super intrigued by the ambiguity of it’s story. Well, I’m not going to spoil a damn thing for you. It is hilarious. Laugh out loud hilarious. The cast is so on point. The 28 minute episodes fly by, so beware it is easy to binge on, no pun intended. *rim shot*

the night managerThe Night Manager. Amazon Prime. This award winning thriller is def worth a watch. And when I say thriller I mean hold your breath, pee your pants, edge of your seat thriller. The story follows the night manager of a Cairo hotel, Johnathon Pine and his dealings with a super super baddie who murdered his lover. When Pine is asked by the MI6 to go undercover to bring him down, it’s on! It’s so amazingly acted. Plus, Tom Hiddleston (hello gorgeous), Hugh Laurie, and Olivia Colman (my favorite from Broadchurch) all earned their Golden Globes. Top notch old boy.

fortitudeFortitude. Amazon Prime.  This one was a dark horse for me. I threw it on because The Kettering Project was wayyyy too creepy for me and I’m glad I did. This one took off reallllllly quickly. It follows the inhabitants of Fortitude, a small community located in the Arctic Circle, after a local is murdered and made to look like a polar bear attack. You. Guys. It’s crazy good. Tons of misdirection, wooly mammoths, scandal, polar bears, and voodoo!?!?!? Oh, and did we mention it stars Stanley Tucci (as a DCI, haha, seriously) AND Michael Gambon… and they happen to be brilliant. Some crazy shit is going on.

Mr.-Robot-Key-ArtMr. Robot. Amazon Prime. Currently watching. Rami Malik is, like, genius levels good. This show, as The Captain and I always suspected, is AMAZEBALLS. Malik plays Elliot a, dare I say, mentally unstable software engineer by day and vigilante hacker by night bringing down all kinds of weirdos by hacking them. When approached by a man, Mr. Robot to use his insider knowledge to bring down the big bad conglomerate that killed his father he reluctantly agrees and MADDNESS ensues.

justifiedJustified. Amazon Prime. This show is amaze. Timothy Olyphant (yes, more of him) is amazing. Like, brilliant and attractive… and so attractive. As US Marshall Raylan Givens he serves up justice with a shoot first, ask questions later kinda ‘tude. After an incident in Miami he finds himself transferred back to his hometown of Harlen Kentucky and this place is cray. It’s so good. Great characters and man looks seriously fine in a cowboy hat.

man-in-the-high-castle-logoThe Man in the High Castle. Amazon Prime. So just in case you ever wondered what would happen if the Nazis won. Amazon has got you covered. Based on a Philip K Dick novel this puppy will thoroughly eff your mind.  What’s going on?! Is it time travel?! Is it an alternate universe!? It’s straight cray, is what it is and Rufus Sewell as Obergruppenführer John Smith (say that 10 times fast) is nothing short of brilliant. Like man, he’s good. You feel so bad for him and then you’re like, “wait a second, you’re an effin Nazi.” It’s complicated.

westworldWestWorld. HBOnow. So I was talked into watching this and holy bananas it is fantastic. WestWorld is a virtual reality play park created for the wealthy to go and live out their wildest, eh weirdest, and most perverse dreams. All of the “employees” inside the park are AI and crazy realistic. And well, some start gaining consciousness and damn. Damn!! Robots. Western Robots. Coming alive. It is nuts. So good. Like whooaaa. Like see!? I can’t even use full sentences. It’s worth it to get HBOnow for this and GOT.

Winter Uniform

clad1 clad2 clad3 clad4 clad5[one] [two] [three] [four]

So here’s the thing. Layers, they’re great… they look awesome… but ain’t no-one got time for that. When it comes down to it, I’m wearing easy clothes, outfits that require little thought. Clothes that I can throw off when I need to nurse or get a hormone hot flash. Yes, those happen. This jean and bootie combo has been a favorite of mine lately, see last weeks ootd post. I wear my trusty Felicity Nursing Tanks from Target under every damn thing. The tanks aren’t online right now, but I’ve still seen them in the stores. They are 25.99 and rock my world. Buy. TONS. This is the outfit I’ve pretty much been living in when leaving the house, my sweater probably needs a wash, but I just keep spraying it with Tubby Todd Mama Spray in the hopes that no one will be able to tell it’s been days since I last bathed… Cheers to that!!!

Happy Taco Tuesday/Valentines Day!! Talk to me about your mama uniform in the colder months!? I wanna know!

Hey Big Spender

heybigspender.001[one] [two] [three] [four] [five]

 It’s been nearly a decade since I graduated from college. I’m getting old. I worked throughout my college experience and sometimes I’m literally shocked and appalled that I had almost ZERO money saved. None. I spent a lot of money traveling and on rent, but literally wasted gobs of money on disposable clothes, disposable housewares, and things I simply didn’t need. Don’t be like me. Travel, spend the money you need to live, and save some dough because after college there are some big kid purchases that will not only be useful at the time, but will be awesome years and years to come. So get prepared, I’m getting ready to drop my old lady wisdom on you.

Quality Mattress. So I bought a mattress right after high school from the brother of a coworker who “sold mattresses.” They were from Jersey, I’m not saying it was stolen, but I’m not not saying it was stolen. Regardless, it was a strange interaction and it was a terrible mattress which I continued to use for nearly a decade. We spend an unbelievable amount of time in our beds… Don’t buy a mattress that “fell off of a truck.” Buy something that’s going to give you quality sleep. And just wait until you’re pregnant one day in the not so near future, your back is going to be begging for a nice mattress. I wish that instead of cheap clothes and a cheap mattress I would’ve saved and purchased a Casper mattress, such a cool company and their mattresses receive reviews. Lusting.

Mac Desktop. I had a super basic desktop that crashed 4 years after buying it. I lost years of pictures. I had never heard of an external hard drive at that point. #fail I wish so so so hard that I had purchased a Mac, I guarantee you I wouldn’t have had that problem. I’m obsessed with ours now, but still get sad when I think about all the photos and memories that were lost.

Nice Dishes. Now this might sound silly, but mind you I worked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond aka TripleB throughout my college career and one thing I did purchase that has literally stayed with me for years is quality white dishes. I don’t have a single piece of clothing I owned in college, but I still have these puppies 13 years later. Like, we still eat my dinner off of these plates and bowls. They’ve been through 9 moves and 5 states and are still going strong. Money well spent.

A Good Knife. Life is too short to cook with crap knives. A good knife can last you for decades! It encourages you to cook and eat-in, instead of wasting money on eating every dinner out! I love Global Knives, my Hollow Ground Santuko is simply amazing. Take a 20% off coupon to TripleB and get ya a damn good knife, or just go on Amazon. I heart Amazon.

Good Luggage. I got a piece of quality luggage from my parents and it has been amazing. 10 years and going strong. I suggest getting a good carry-on sized roller. I am OBSESSED with the products from new company Away. Their suitcases are beautiful [the white is amaze-balls], lightweight, and TSA approved. Oh and did I mention the built-in battery to charge any USB device!?!? This thing is amazing. Definitely not a purchase you would regret, unlike all of those trendy clothes from Forever21.

So, do we see a theme!?! Stop buying cheap clothes and save for cool grown up things that will last you for years to come!!

grungy mama

Photo Jan 29-2 Photo Jan 29-3 Photo Jan 29-4 Photo Jan 29-5 Photo Jan 29

Over the past 8 years, I’ve gone from warm climate to warm climate and rarely seen temps deserving of my giant leopard coat. It was purchased for a steal from the new defunct Piperlime. I miss Piperlime, it was good stuff!!! Any who, this is as close to a winter look as you are going to get from me, I have been able to justify wearing my coat a total of 1 time… 30 degrees in the sunshine. That’s stinking cold. Also, grab a pair of these Gap jeans, so comfy. I suggest going down a size as after a bit of wear they loosen up big time.

Here comes the bride

bridal trends.001[one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six]

So dudes, I’ve been married for almost 10 years… 10 YEARS MAN. I still feel like my wedding was just yesterday. I loved my wedding. It was beautiful. Unique. But sometimes I can’t help but wonder what our wedding would’ve been like if we would’ve gotten married in the time of Pinterest and Instagram. I can guarantee you it would’ve been a heck of a lot different, here are my 4 trends to watch for those getting hitched in the upcoming year.

Colorful, floral Invitations. Gone are the days of boring white embossed card stock. Here are the days of beautiful, unique, and interesting bold invites. Invitations so pretty your guests will have a hard time taking them off of their fridge. Obsessed with Paperless Post’s awesome selection of wedding invitations for killer reasonable prices. Save that money while being fab yo!

Wildflowers. Wildflowers. Wildflowers. Beautiful wild bouquets that seem to overflow with personality. Nothing stock about them. I’m obsessed with all things Siren Floral Co. Their Instagram will leave you drooling.

Lace + Tulle. Think ethereal bridal fairies. Doesn’t that sound perfect!?!? I’m sometimes a little sad my wedding dress wasn’t as unique as my general fashion. So I know you don’t want to regret your choice, but I say live on the edge, have fun. You’re doing this once, live a little.

Blush. My bridesmaids all wore black, it was great, but I suspect to see tons of beautiful soft pink bridesmaids gowns in the near future. Obsessed with each of these pictured above. I feel shocked and saddened every time I see a matching bridal party these days. The mix and match of patterns, colors, and textures makes for the most amazing layers in photos. And personally, I just think it looks better.

And hey, We old married people can still enjoy this info! These trends work in all matters, not just weddings. Hosting a dinner party? Get a rad bouquet of wild flowers. Attending a wedding or big event as a guest? Wear a beautiful blush gown + embrace the texture of lace and tulle. Throwing a birthday bash? Order some stunning floral invites. Do the damn thing.

xoxo Lo