Tea Time with Tahmina International

DSC_0794 2This was one collab that I didn’t have to think twice about. The amazing folks over at Tahmina International are doing amazing things in Afghanistan. Tahmina seeks to connect local farmers and women with international markets, and help develop industries that can be alternatives to the illicit drug economy. Such a wonderful mission.

DSC_0810So now that you know why the company is special, let’s talk, “what’s so special about the tea?” I got to try all the different blends, but what makes it so unique is the addition of saffron! Why saffron, you ask? Well, truthfully, I only thought of saffron threads as a super expensive spice that turned paella yellow… You know nothing Jon Snow. It’s not only the worlds most expensive spice, but also rich in minerals and vitamins. It aids in variety of manners from acne, to depression, to pms. Recent clinical studies have even explored its abilities to heal cancer, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s. Oh yeah, and it’s delicious too.

DSC_0806When buying for myself or gift giving, I’ve become really honed in to this idea of fewer better things. Those better things aren’t just found in your closet. Finding any brands that do good and give back definitely fit the mold.

This BEAUTIFUL tea paired with a cute mug and a good read would make the perfect gift for your favorite book worm in your life. [Me. That’s me. I would love that gift.] So if you have a friend that’s like me… or IS me, this would make a stellar gift. They also sell adorable tins of saffron which would be an awesome gift for the foodie in your life, perhaps paired with your favorite vegan cookbook.

DSC_0801 DSC_0803I really hope you’ll check them out HERE and support a great cause!!

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