Let’s Hug it Out…

carbs, goooood.I’m one of those people that could work 40+ hours, go to book club, zumba, and have 3 dinner dates planned in a week and still find time to watch tons of TV. It’s a rare gift and as I have no 40 hours to work… You get it. One of my favorite shows is Extra Virgin on the Cooking channel. It follows beloved New York native and super famous actress Debi Mazer and her dreamy Tuscan husband Gabriele Corcos. They absolutely love each other, they are so entertaining to watch, and, oh yeah, they make awesome food! Debi knows her shit. If you haven’t seen this show it’s definitely worth a peek.

People often get confused as to why I watch food shows when clearly I can’t eat a majority of the food, but truth is I LOVE Cooking Channel. I love seeing what flavors chefs put together and then work them into my own lifestyle! Nerd!!!! Yep, but I make hella good food!

On a recent episode, Debi and Gabrielle cook for Adrien Greenier. That’s right, none other than Vinnie Chase himself and to my surprise one of Debi’s creations was practically made for me, omit parmesan cheese and you have a vegan delight. Check out the recipe here! Make it gluten free by using brown rice or quinoa pasta. Make it oil free by using veggie stock in place of the oil. The perfect way to enjoy the tail end of tomato season and bonus, it has peas. Everyone loves peas. Fun fact: The Captain buys a bag of frozen peas errrry time he goes to grocery store. It’s a compulsion. Anywho, it’s delicious and your taste buds will thank me and Debi– but mostly just Debi…

  1. Christy says:

    This dish looks absolutely refreshing! I will need to look out for this Extra Virgin TV show… I’ve been watching way too many Zombie and Vampire ones, this one sounds much more productive. I thank both you AND Debi!


    • Lauren says:

      It’s absolutely delish! And dude, I watch zombie and vampire shows too! I have a serious tv problem, haha! Thanks for stopping by!!! xo Lauren

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