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IMG_7668So I was introduced to Emily Weiss and Into the Gloss years ago, by an insane person… but that’s neither here nor there. Still good gauge. Well, when Glossier launched I was absolutely obsessed with their branding, design, social media presence, etc. They are funny and don’t take themselves too seriously. Oh and it’s crazy affordable. #WINNING Since trying their goodies I’ve only fallen more in love!

Boy Brow is my new live for product. I might not change out of pjs today, but dammit I’m fixing my brows. I use the brown and it’s literally the most perfect color + styling product for your brows. They look crazy natural and it’s just simple.

Generation G Lipstick in Cake is another use for the rest of my days kinda product. The lip color is just the perfect fleshy perfecting color. I have nothing but love for this stuff.

Balm dot com in Rose is a perfect pale pink moisture bomb for your lips. It was the first product I bought from them and let’s just say it began the obsession.

IMG_7666Oh and let’s talk Cloud Paint, their newest product is as dreamy as it sounds. The creamy texture melts into your skin. LOVE.

The Stretch concealer is a great product creamy enough for under eye, but also easily covers up blemishes. The Perfecting Skin Tint is like your skin, but better. And I’m also digging their serums, Super Bounce has done great things for my crazy dry postpartum skin. I love it all, now if only we could get them to develop a mascara, it would surely be perfection.

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Quality Over Quantity

If you follow me on Instagram and you’ve watched my InstaStories you may have heard me talk about “The List.” Sounds ominous. But a friend of my bestie Em, [stay tuned for more fun with her soon, get very excited] described her method in how she shops. Basically, she has a master list. It’s got homegoods, clothes, basically anything you want on the list. And you don’t buy anything unless it’s on your list in hopes of being at Target or the mall and seeing a cute *insert item here* and impulse shopping only to realize later it’s something you’re okay giving away, this keeps your mind on track. And if you’re anything like me, you buy so many little things over the course of a few months that you could’ve bought the one nice thing you really wanted and you’d have for years and years to come. This is a classic quality versus quantity argument. Fewer nice things over tons of disposable items. I realize this may seem exorbitant, but note, this is the long game. It could very well take years and years to acquire what’s on the list, but that’s the point. No wasteful spending and saving for things you want. Anywho, I thought I’d share some of the goodies on my list.
Now I want to know. What’s on your list??? Tell me, tell me.

The bounce back conundrum. 

So if you’ve had a kid chances are you’ve found pages like 4th Trimester Body Project or Birth Without Fear, etc. these amazing groups celebrate moms in all of their forms, shapes, and sizes. I love it. Every woman, especially those who have made, housed, and birthed a baby, should never hate their body. It’s beyond miraculous what the female body can do, the power we are capable of… It blows my mind. Staring at my 7 month old and 2.5 year old it’s like “HOLY HOT DAMN!! I CREATED THEM!!!” Like shit!!!! So yes, I’m amazed and in love with what my body has done… Butttt I still desire to get my body to a place where I’m wholly confident, healthy, and strong. Don’t hate me, but I have kids and still want to look good in a bathing suit. *gasp*

So like anything in this day and age you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t. On one side you get the, “stop shaming moms who don’t bounce back after baby” and then there’s the “stop shaming moms who desire to spend time on themselves and exercise” Why is it always like this?! All it takes is 10 seconds on a comment thread of any mommy related story for the claws to come out. We are always offended. Everything is offensive. Dear sweet baby Jesus!! I’m offended, you’re offended, I’m offended… Geez!! Why?! Did agree-to-disagree just fly out the window?  Since when did your opinion mean so much more than your neighbor’s?! And why in the hell do we have to tell everyone?! Hell, I’m a blogger, I love giving my 2 cents about all things and I have plenty of thoughts about child raising ideals and practices… Sure, I might quietly judge or disagree with another mom for a certain behavior, but guess what?! I keep my freakin mouth closed because that mom is just doing her best! The poor mom who lost her child to an alligator attack hopefully never looked at the comment thread on a story about their situation because the terrible awful things that were said would leave even the toughest skin bruised. She was doing her best. Don’t get me started on the Gorilla kid…

I’ve gotten off topic…

IMG_7084When I stare in the mirror, I’m gonna be honest, I’m like Meh. I don’t hate my body, but I am genuinely excited about getting back into my old clothes and feeling happy with my nekkid body. I hesitate to say “get my body back” I don’t want that body, I want my -amazing, birthed 2 babies naturally with no drugs, fed two babies from my boobs- body, I just want strength and stamina to chase my kiddos endlessly. I want to be able to pick up my kids until they’re teenagers. Slight exaggeration? Possibly.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. We can love our bodies and all they’ve done and desire to spend time on ourselves excercising and getting in shape. If you’re anything like me, the time spent exercising is just as much a mental cleansing as it is a physical challenge. It gets my brain right. Even if it’s just a walk or a 10 minute arm series. You’d be amazed what that can do for your soul.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetOn top of exercise and good old fashioned clean eating, after F bomb I decided to wear my Belly Bandit compression gear for REALS this go around. I had it for after Roc, but was not consistent. Let me tell you consistency is key!!! I wore my Original Belly Bandit, all-day everyday for the first month. After that I tried to wear it for at least 4 hours for the following few months until it [hooray] became too big! I switched to the Mother Tucker corset after that and again wore that for a few hours a day . On top of these tummy products, I decided to try the Hip Bandit because with Rocco it was a solid year before my hips were back down to size. Guys!!!! At 5 months my hip measurement was a half an inch away from pre-baby… NUMBER ONE!!! So yea, if you’re wondering if this stuff works. I’d have to say a resounding yessss ma’am. I also rock their Mother Tucker leggings, like, all the time. Just look at my past two fashion posts. I feel so good when I wear them and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what a comment thread says or Instagram or People magazine says, feelin good is all that matters!!

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Cozy Cool

cozymama1 cozymama2 cozymama3 cozymama4 cozymama5 cozymama6A mom uniform to be sure, but, real talk, leggings and a flow-y shirt are generally all I care to wear these days. The weather in Florida flip-flops from wet + cold to wet + hot. No middle ground. So layers are best on a cool day that may turn into a scorcher. I’m wearing, yet again, the best compression leggings ever from Belly Bandit. I swear I’m working on a post about all things BB, patience grasshopper. My leather jacket is probably my favorite piece in my closet. It’s perfect. So glad I made the splurge back in 2013.

Do you have a daily uniform!? I wanna know!

Baby Numero Dos [0-3]


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Oh me, oh my. I had baby. Ah-gain. You’d think that would prepare me in some way for going through this mess again… Nah. That would be too easy. I feel like it’s a whole new learning process. You forget the sleepless nights, crying, and being covered in poo and breastmilk. I suppose you have a better handle on certain things like feeding, diaper changing, what products are worth it and what are completely useless. So with baby #2 I’ve found some new things along with my favorite standbys for surviving the first 3 months.

Swaddles. We love, love, love our Ollie Swaddle, it is completely Houdini proof and you can get it super snug!! The material is lightweight and moisture wicking so you don’t have to worry about overheating. We also keep Aden + Anais muslin swaddles around for when little man wants to have a bit more freedom. They are also perfect burp cloths, blankets, car seat covers, nursing covers, their uses are endless. Plus, the patterns are so flipping cute.

All. The. Swings. This go around the Mamaroo has not worked its magic, but a friends Graco swing and Rock n Play aka poop chair(literally takes a poo ERRYTIME he is in this thing) have proven to be a little more tolerable for the little prince, but not enough that they would be worth the money to purchase. If you can borrow things from friends I highly suggest it, all babes are different end you seriously never ever know what they are gonna like.

Exercise Ball. Forget your rocking chair. I good ole exercise ball does the trick nicely. Seriously. Both oh my boys LOVE being bounced and rocked on my labor ball. Lol.

Wrap + Carrier. Especially for baby number 2. You have to get your hands free sometimes, i.e. Making big kid breakfast, etc. I love a good stretchy wrap (Happy Baby) for me is the best way to carry my tiny nuggets for the first 3ish months. A structured carrier is great for larger babies or once they gain neck control.

Sound Machine. This is an absolute must. Like you must have one. If anything it helps me sleep better and not here every little snort and squeak mister lets out. We moms wake up to a pin dropping once we have kids, so this definitely helps. I also think it helps once they transfer to their crib gives something familiar.

Coffee. Self explanatory.

A walk outside. Don’t forget to get out. Even if it’s just for the quickest stroll around the block. It’s good for your brain. It’s good for baby. It’s good for toddler. All good.

Amazing Mama friends who just get it. I think the key to not fully losing your mind is having friends you can vent to who understand what you’re going through who can remind you it’s not forever and this season is so quick in the grand scheme of things. Friends who offer you wine and hold your baby. Friends who pray for you and check in on you.

You’re not alone lady. Newborns are tough and they can easily breakdown your spirit. It’s okay. Vent it out. It’s not all sunshine and unicorns. There are days where you might say shut up more than I love you… #nojudgement Remember the unending grace provided in parenting. You’re doing so good mama!

The 12 things I’ve been watching without cable

So one thing I hear all the time about life post children is that you no longer have time for television. I can’t say I agree. I no longer watch the 10 or more shows at a time that I used to… Heck, I don’t even have cable anymore, but I’ve found that just means you are more selective with what you watch. But when you have a newborn that won’t be put down and a toddler that takes 3 hour naps, you watch many hours of television. F guy naps the same time as Rocco now, so I eat lunch and watch my programs. I’ve found so many amazing shows via Netflix, Amazon, etc. Ummmm and hello, why didn’t anyone tell me Netflix and Chill meant to have a bootycall!?!? Am I seriously the only person that had no idea!? Any who, I love a good crime thriller as you can see and you’ll quickly catch on to the fact that a good deal of my “must watch shows” are courtesy of the BBC or about Brits. I LOVE me some British shows.
MarcellaMarcella. Netflix. This one gave me nightmares, but I couldn’t stop watching. DCI (detective in British speak, you’ll see this a lot in my list) Marcella Backland is back to work after a long hiatus when a long dormant serial killer comes back to town. It’s. So. Good.

LutherLuther. Netflix. DCI John Luther has a serious anger problem. He solves all the worst crimes in London, think like Dexter style baddies, all while his marriage falls apart and he seemingly loses all reason. Not only is the acting amazing, Idiris Elba is GORGEOUS. Hey boy, heyyyyy.

Broadchurch-logoBroadchurch. Netflix. You guys. You. Guys. This is the best show you aren’t watching. The small seaside town of Broadchurch is crushed when a young boy is found dead. It is unbelievably good. Twists and turns. And David Tenant (yes, Dr. Who) and Olivia Colman as DCI Hardy and Miller are literally brilliant. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll gasp. Like seriously, you’ll be all like OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL?!?! NOOOOOO. That kinda good.

thecrownThe Crown. Netflix. There’s a reason everyone cannot shut up about this. It’s fascinating. Claire Foy, Matt Smith (another Dr. Who), and John Lithgow are out-of-control good!

ctmCall the Midwife. Netflix. Dudes. So it’s not secret I’m obsessed with childbirth. This show is a peak into the lives of midwives at Nonnatus House. It’s based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth and it’s just crazy to see what was normal for childbirth in the 50s-60s among the lower class British.santaSanta Clarita Diet. Netflix. Soooooo I was bored one afternoon and didn’t want to be productive, hello story of my life… So I saw this was on Netflix and guys, I like love-love Timothy Olyphant. It’s been a long standing love spanning many years. The Captain was not always a fan, but it is safe to say he has a man crush on him now. He’s one of the most talented and funny actors in the biz. Check out his interviews on Conan, here and here and here and this one too. You too will love him. So good looking, so funny. I remembered seeing him doing press and discussing SCD and was super intrigued by the ambiguity of it’s story. Well, I’m not going to spoil a damn thing for you. It is hilarious. Laugh out loud hilarious. The cast is so on point. The 28 minute episodes fly by, so beware it is easy to binge on, no pun intended. *rim shot*

the night managerThe Night Manager. Amazon Prime. This award winning thriller is def worth a watch. And when I say thriller I mean hold your breath, pee your pants, edge of your seat thriller. The story follows the night manager of a Cairo hotel, Johnathon Pine and his dealings with a super super baddie who murdered his lover. When Pine is asked by the MI6 to go undercover to bring him down, it’s on! It’s so amazingly acted. Plus, Tom Hiddleston (hello gorgeous), Hugh Laurie, and Olivia Colman (my favorite from Broadchurch) all earned their Golden Globes. Top notch old boy.

fortitudeFortitude. Amazon Prime.  This one was a dark horse for me. I threw it on because The Kettering Project was wayyyy too creepy for me and I’m glad I did. This one took off reallllllly quickly. It follows the inhabitants of Fortitude, a small community located in the Arctic Circle, after a local is murdered and made to look like a polar bear attack. You. Guys. It’s crazy good. Tons of misdirection, wooly mammoths, scandal, polar bears, and voodoo!?!?!? Oh, and did we mention it stars Stanley Tucci (as a DCI, haha, seriously) AND Michael Gambon… and they happen to be brilliant. Some crazy shit is going on.

Mr.-Robot-Key-ArtMr. Robot. Amazon Prime. Currently watching. Rami Malik is, like, genius levels good. This show, as The Captain and I always suspected, is AMAZEBALLS. Malik plays Elliot a, dare I say, mentally unstable software engineer by day and vigilante hacker by night bringing down all kinds of weirdos by hacking them. When approached by a man, Mr. Robot to use his insider knowledge to bring down the big bad conglomerate that killed his father he reluctantly agrees and MADDNESS ensues.

justifiedJustified. Amazon Prime. This show is amaze. Timothy Olyphant (yes, more of him) is amazing. Like, brilliant and attractive… and so attractive. As US Marshall Raylan Givens he serves up justice with a shoot first, ask questions later kinda ‘tude. After an incident in Miami he finds himself transferred back to his hometown of Harlen Kentucky and this place is cray. It’s so good. Great characters and man looks seriously fine in a cowboy hat.

man-in-the-high-castle-logoThe Man in the High Castle. Amazon Prime. So just in case you ever wondered what would happen if the Nazis won. Amazon has got you covered. Based on a Philip K Dick novel this puppy will thoroughly eff your mind.  What’s going on?! Is it time travel?! Is it an alternate universe!? It’s straight cray, is what it is and Rufus Sewell as Obergruppenführer John Smith (say that 10 times fast) is nothing short of brilliant. Like man, he’s good. You feel so bad for him and then you’re like, “wait a second, you’re an effin Nazi.” It’s complicated.

westworldWestWorld. HBOnow. So I was talked into watching this and holy bananas it is fantastic. WestWorld is a virtual reality play park created for the wealthy to go and live out their wildest, eh weirdest, and most perverse dreams. All of the “employees” inside the park are AI and crazy realistic. And well, some start gaining consciousness and damn. Damn!! Robots. Western Robots. Coming alive. It is nuts. So good. Like whooaaa. Like see!? I can’t even use full sentences. It’s worth it to get HBOnow for this and GOT.