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So dilemma, you’re invited to a wedding and you want to look fab. You’ve had a baby less than a year ago and want jaws to drop. You are looking for a pastel shade. You don’t want to spend over 100 dollars. You guys. This was very complicated for me. I ordered and returned dresses which is completely out of character for me. I had such a hard time narrowing down the dress. I hated the thought of spending a lot of money on a dress I would either have to sell or because I’m lazy [and VarageSale terrified me] probably never wear again… So it was like well I love this dress, but re-wear is pretty much zero. Enter the dress above. It was on sale for 100$ even on Revolve, free shipping. Boom. Have you ever had that shopping moment where you have been struggling to even spend 30 bucks on something and then you see the bright shining unicorn you’ve been looking for all along and you just click add to cart and check out within seconds. Yeah, that was purchase. When it came in the mail, I almost cried of joy. It was the best possible outcome. It’s beautiful light fabric will work perfectly for a SoCal summer wedding paired with fab sandals, some statement jewels, and a diva clutch. And it will also rock as a day dress in the insane Florida heat with birks, chill jewels, and my favorite diaper bag of all times…

Basically, they all lived happily ever after. The end.

[Note: I’m looking to find this exact dress in stock. I didn’t think when I started this post 2 months ago that it would be sold out everywhere. I’ll keep you posted]

If you love me let me sleep. 

So we spend a gazillion dollars a year trying to get babies to sleep. A GAZILLION (note: I completely made this up). But in truth, I can personally attest to how much time and money that can be spent on getting these boogers to sleep. You’re tired. GO. TO. SLEEP. It’s just not that easy, is it?? In my opinion, the first step is teaching good sleep behavior. End of story. If you know me, you know we swear by The Baby Whisperer in our house. The Captain will have more on that hopefully soon, but sometimes that doesn’t do the whole shebang. So I believe paired with the right aids you can and will achieve sleeping success.

Our babies have been pretty okay sleepers while swaddled, but as many of you probably know once they start to flip and need arms out it’s GAME OVER. So after swaddling they lose that tight comforting feeling. So they my boys constantly needed to be reminded we are there with them with reassuring words or a hand on the back or belly. Enter Nested Bean. These good folks have thought of everything. They have placed a small weight on their swaddles and sleep sacks to simulate your touch. Genius! Right?!

Well, I was skeptical because there was nothing to control Fbombs hands in the sack and even though he’s past the 6 month startle reflex, I was just scared anything would set him back. The 8 month sleep regression hit (and wasn’t the terror Roc’s was, probably because of stricter baby whispering), but once we saw the light at the end of that tunnel I started putting him in his Zen Sack. You guys. YOUS GUYS. I feel like lightening is gonna strike me as I type this. Weeks. Weeks and weeks of sleeping through the night. Ummmmm say what now?! 11-12 hours of sleep?!? I’m not making this up. I realize everything with babies is in seasons and it could all change tomorrow, but I mean, it can’t be a coincidence! I’m a believer.

Felix is a tummy sleeper from about 4 months, which I assure you is safe once your baby is able to hold their head up. Talk to your pediatrician for more information, I am not a doctor just an informed mama. Moving on, so I was thrilled when I read that the Zen Sack can be worn backwards with the weight on their backs. You guys. This thing is pretty great! Again, I was skeptical. We loved our Ollie Swaddle and had been using a sack that was okay, but we were still getting at least 1 wake up at night. We understand that The The Baby Whisperer is not a quick fix, it’s about creating a life long healthy sleeper… so we don’t really believe in magic sleep suits, but this thing has truly been a blessing to help us reinforce healthy sleeping habits.

Check them out HERE 

Best. Ever.

I recently, read yesterday, was having a texting convo about red carpet fashion. I love the red carpet. LOVE. I seriously think it’s the most fun thing ever. I could stare at pretty dresses all day. I love designer fashion. I would go into fancy Nordstrom and just touch and admire the pretty designer clothes. And those aren’t even red carpet. I would die. LEGIT DIE. diedSo I thought it would be fun to tell you about my favorite red carpet dresses of ALL TIME. That’s right, I love these dresses the most.

vivienne westwood[10] Diane Kruger, Vivienne Westwood, Cannes 2012. Image via Popsugar. My singular sparkly gown. I don’t do sparkle, but the sequins + structure are magic. MAGIC, I tell you.

zuhair[9] Kristen Stewart, Zuhair Murad, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere 2012. Image via ElleUK. Haters gonna hate, but I think this look is ALL class. The sheer thing was just starting up, so it was fresh and unexpected. The structure paired with the lace and the vintage romantic hair and makeup is just perfecto.

calvin[8] Emma Stone, Calvin Klein, Golden Globes 2011. Image via PopSugar. Stop. Just stop. The mono chrome everything could be bleh, but holy hot damn this is just fire. A brilliant, simple look executed brilliantly.

vintage valentino[7] Jennifer Garner, Vintage Valentino, Oscars 2004. Image via Instyle. My girl!!!!!! This dress was her perfect welcome to the world!! It was so unexpected and absolutely stunning. Red carpet glamour without being predictable. claire

[6] Claire Danes, Calvin Klein, Oscars 1997. Image via Glamour. The stuff 13 year old Lauren’s dreams were made of. So chic, so simple. She could wear this today, update the jewels, and it would still be perfect.

ralph[5] Lupita Nyong, Ralph Lauren, Golden Globes 2014. Image via Instill. I die. I die. I’m dead. There’s nothing to say, other than this is going to go down as one of the best dresses ever. Everything. On Point.

ellie saab[4] Diane Kruger, Jason Wu, SAG Awards 2010. Image via Elle. She’s baaaack. Diane is my red carpet spirit animal and this dress is just what hollywood glamour is all about. It’s vintage, it’s modern, flowy and structured. It’s just the perfect mix of all good fashion in one gown. The jewels and lip color are just [insert praise hands emoji here].

valentino[3] Kate Hudson, Valentino, Golden Globes 2003. Image via Instyle. Boho at it’s finest. This is when I fell in love with Kate Hudson! I had this picture pinned up on my mood board, yes seriously. NERD. I can’t even.

vera[2] Michelle Willams, Vera Wang, Oscars 2006. Image via Refinery 29. Are we seeing a trend with the yellow!? So funny, right!? This dress literally took my breath away. Stunning! The fit was so magic. I also remember watching Heath Ledger repeatedly help lay her boob ruffles flat when the wind would blow. Tear.

nicole dior[1] Nicole Kidman, Dior, Oscars 1997. Image via Instyle. Here it is in all it’s glory. Best dress ever. This Dress is literally what started my love of fashion. Right here. This is was did it. It’s hard to find photos of, but the back was this amazing mesh with more embroidery. The Fur lined trim. The color!! I’ve been obsessed with chartreuse for 2 decades now thanks to this gown. The BEST EVER.

So that’s it folks. I’d love to know what you think!! What are your favorite gowns of all time?!!?


You complete me kale chips. 

I could eat kale chips, ALL DAMN DAY SON. Seriously, I love them. Truth corner, I didn’t make them myself until a month or so ago. I bought the insanely expensive premade goodies which, while yummy, have nothing on homemade. These puppies are pretty stinking basic, but me and my tiny veggie kill a whole bunch o kale in one sitting. They are so easy it’s not even funny… or maybe they’re hilarious. I don’t know how much humor you find in vegetables.

step 1. preheat oven to 300 degrees. line 2 baking sheets with foil.

step 2. wash, dry, + de-rib the kale. sometimes I won’t even use a knife, just my good ol’ hands.

step 3. spread out kale on baking sheets making sure not to overlap pieces. this is mucho importante

step 4. drizzle with coconut oil, no more than 2 tablespoons.

step 5. sprinkle with desired amounts of onion powder, garlic powder, and turmeric. I use roughly 2 teaspoons of each spice. then 4-6 tablespoons of nutritional yeast, followed by a healthy pinch of salt.

step 6. mix it all around by hand and sprinkle with more nurtritional yeast for good measure.

step 7. bake for 15-17 minutes.

step 8. devour and let that goodness just get all up in your teeth. note. have floss handy.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetAHHHH a kale chip monster!!!!

It’s HERE!!!!!!!

MMP-128 copyMMP-102MMP-334 MMP-181MMP-317MMP-210MMP-213

amazing photos by Marlena Marika Photography! Check her out here!

Honestly, I can’t put into words how excited I am for this season’s collection. We’ve worked so hard and it’s always a little nerve-wracking when release day comes… hoping people love it as much as we do, praying it does well, etc. Being a small biz owner has taught me so much and, honestly, it’s just a daily humbling experience. We are so grateful for every “add to cart” click. You’re support means the world.

CLICK HERE to shop + here for more info about our biz!

Move In – Must Haves


I’ve moved a lot. Like, a lot – a lot. Over the past 10 years we’ve lived in 5 states and a whopping 8 houses!!! One thing I’ve got down pat is unpacking quickly and making a house feel like a home in record time. So I paired up with the good people over at Casper to talk about my 6 new home essentials to create a cozy space.

kyakilimsA rug instantly warms up a space. I love rugs, like majorly. Right now I’m having a real obsession with Turkish Kilim rugs and Kaya Kilims is one of my favorite sites.  LUSTING after this one above. They are well worth the money, but it’s not been in our budget so I am loving the selection and price point at RugsUSA, just picked up this one and loving it.

DIY-Modern-Wall-Hanging1Next thing, cover those walls!!! I’m really digging wall hangings and majorly love this DIY from Homey Oh My. Now, we will get to photos, but you also have to find fun art prints, mirrors, a letter board, some plaster antlers, etc to really helps to look eclectic and collected over time.
loomgoodsALL THE MUD CLOTH. Loom Goods gives me all the heart eyes. I can’t say enough. I want a house full of them. They are perfect for cozying up a sofa or bed, heck even a dining chair if that’s what you’re into. Oh and while we are at it, let’s talk pillow-pillows… yes, like sleeping pillows. How long have you been sleeping on your current pillow!? Are you embarrassed to tell me!? A move is the perfect time to update your pillow with a new one because hello!? It’s exhausting and a good night’s sleep is cray important.
family pics casperI’ve talked about this before, but print your damn pictures. Like lots and lots of them. Bare walls look depressing and bleh. Vary sizes, frame some with mats, frame some with no mats, print a canvas. The options go on and on!! I’m still printing out more pics from our family Holiday shoot with Mau Loa Photography. She’s brilliant. Gulf Coast peeps, hire her.
west elmNaked windows are shameful and I won’t stand for it. I hang white curtains on every damn window in my house. No window left behind. Always hang them higher than your actual window. I take mine nearly up to the ceiling, so that the fabric just ever so slightly rubs the ground. It makes the entire space look larger. These West Elm curtains are my faves.
mr. fiddleALL. THE. HOUSEPLANTS. I have a notoriously black thumb, but I’m doing my damnedest to keep my air pure and my plants alive. Mr. Fiddle is sadly having a moment after having to be repotted, but we are talking it out… so this image is from Room for Tuesday, check out this post for some great advice on houseplants.

Happy Moving folks!!!!