All things San Diego, Part I

torrey pinesTorrey Pines | Image Via

As we prepare our family for a big move, there’s been a lot of reflecting about all of our time in Cali. This is the first place we’ve been able to settle in and actually live some semblance of a normal life. We love it here and we are sad to leave, but are excited for the next chapter in our lives. I thought it would be fun if I shared my definitive list of ALL things San Diego!!

Best Waxing: La Di Da Sugaring with Kelly

Kicking it off with the good stuff. So the best waxing is, in fact, not waxing, but sugaring. A mixture of sugar, water, and lemon juice applied directly to the skin to remove hair. I could go on for days about how it’s less painful and more sanitary than waxing, but you should just check it out. Owner Kelly Fritz is one of the most magical people I’ve ever met, she just radiates friendliness and can get your who dolled up in record time. I started seeing Emily in the evenings to work around The Captain’s schedule and she’s equally wonderful! These ladies will change your life.

Best Hair Cut: Meghan Noel Salon

I have been seeing Meghan ever since I hit on her in a Robeks. But seriously, I was like, “you have beautiful hair.” She was like, “I’m a hair stylist.” I was like, “give me them digits.” Meanwhile The Captain sits in the car with the dogs confused. I get in the car and he asks, “did you just get that girls phone number?” Perv. The rest is history! With stellar prices and a real knack for hair artistry she’s worth the drive from any part of SD.

Best Facial: Serenity Skin Care

I haven’t been able to make it in for a facial in some time, but when I do Ann Duke is who I call upon!! This lady knows skin! And on top of that, she’s a lovely human being! SSC is run out of her home in Hillcrest and she and her husband, Mario are just as charming as they come! I still swear that her monthly facials are what continues to keep my skin happy and healthy, even years later.

Best Tattoo Artists: Charlie Cung at Guru Tattoo and Shannon Nordin at Remington Tattoo

If you are look for awesome black ink work with a focus on mandala and dot work then Charlie is your guy. He’s so chill and an artist through and through. Shannon did The Captain’s back piece which turned out absolutely amazing. He does more traditional style tattoos! Both parlors are super chic and crazy clean.

Best Botox: re:vive salon & spa

Yep, I’ve dabbled with the tox. I know it’s pretty much the opposite of my healthy, natural living… blah blah blah. Everyone has their thing, you eat a steak a week and I keep my forehead forever youthful. So if you are thinking of getting some enhancements, Kathleen at re:vive is totally who you should see! Not only does re:vive offer the best price in San Diego, [10$ a unit] Kathleen is a rn and a trainer for the company, she really listens to what you’re after. They have a Doctor that works in the office and comes and talks to you before you have your botox injected.

Best Dentist: Poway Dental Arts

The nicest dental crew in North County. I love Michelle and all of the staff! Dr. Rich is such a nice guy and is pretty easy on the eyes too!

Best Work Out: Major tie: The Dailey Method RB & The Bar Method Carmel Mountain

I have had the most lovely experiences with both of these studios. I did Bar Method for nearly 2 years pre-baby and loved the teachers and the method. After baby, I tried out Dailey Method because of child care, but was happy to find another lovely studio filled with wonderful people and a killer work out. I wish I could’ve been a member longer!

Best Hiking: Torrey Pines

So not the most creative answer, but alas the most beautiful and calming. I love hiking by the beach and this hike makes me happy. I also dig Iron Mountain… if you’re in the mood to hike something called Iron Mountain…

Stay tuned for Part II for all my favorite spots to eat! Yes, ALL OF THEM.

Does it even matter???

So I haven’t blogged– hell- I haven’t written anything in quite some time. Been busy on a little something called living my damn life… Can I get an amen!? I don’t know how mommy bloggers with tiny ones do it. Stay connected to their kids, spouse, friends, work, and find time to care about writing a blog. More power to ya sistas.
After many a long talk with The Captain it’s become pretty obvious that my issue isn’t really time or content, it’s wondering if it really matters… Like who really cares?! I have a small and loyal following so it’s not to dog on you, but seriously, does sharing my thoughts on food, fashion, and mommyhood even matter… What I’ve come up with is… No. In the grand scheme of important world shit, it’s tiny. But at the end of the day writing makes me happy. I enjoy it. I don’t really get the time I once had to write daily or even 3 times a week! Dude, I now write blog posts in the privacy of my bathroom on my cellphone. Life is just different. And it’s good. Heck, it’s great.
So this isn’t happening in a week or even a month. We bought our first home via FaceTime 2000 miles away. So the next few months are gonna be filled with packing, adventuring, and soaking up all our amazing city has to offer before we hit the road. But I’m excited to get back to posting quick healthy meals for the whole fam, showing you our new home and how decorating can be fun and chic even with a toddler and minimal budget, and oh-so much more.
2016 is gonna be a blast.

But First, Coffee

sleeplessssss.001So part of me feels like people don’t want to hear about how effing tired I am, but there’s this other part of me who A. doesn’t care and B. feels like it’s complete bullshit if I pretend to have a perfect baby who sleeps perfectly and shits perfectly… I don’t even know what that means, but I’ve seen bloggers with beautiful family pics of their amazing baby who not only brings joy and perfect piles of perfect poo, they sleep through the night and even started working a part time job to pay for diapers… It makes me mad, like, rullll mad. I know a ton of moms read these blogs and think, Shit, what am I doing wrong?! Nothing, you’re doing nothing wrong!! Around 4.5 months MohawkRoc completely forgot how to sleep. So for the past month or so we have gone back to the basics of getting him sleeping through the night. We are dealing with “the rolling over” phase and he’s yet to master rolling back so he wakes up on his tummy very angry-like… but enough of that, here’s what has been sustaining us during our sleep fast.

[1] Fuel. There are a variety of must have beverages: h2o, coffee, and beer… not necessarily in that order. Hydrating is super important and La Croix coconut sparkling water is my favorite thing in the world. I toss back these things like a boss. Donut Shop’s Coconut Mocha coffee is INSANE delicious, I mean so good. I’ve never needed coffee before, but that is not the case any more. I don’t do cream and sugar, but lately I haven’t been digging my usual super bitter black coffee. Enter this coffee. It’s so crisp and yummy you don’t need to add anything. Then there’s the booze. Banquet Beer. Cheap and tasty. Perfect when you just need a light beer with dinner to relax your brain from thinking about how you probably aren’t going to sleep tonight either… le sigh… Oh and let us not forget to eat. We live off of Chipotle. Brown Rice. Beans. Veggies. Gauc. Lettuce. Relatively healthy, cheap, and fast. Boom. Enjoy with cold Banquet beer.

[2] Wardrobe. It’s imperative you have stretchy lounge pants acceptable to be worn in public and a good hat… Boom. Pair with a cute tee or tank and you look like you give a damn, but we all know the truth… Not only do you not remember when you last gave a damn, you also put your underwear on inside out this morning and can’t be bothered to fix them… not that I’m speaking from experience…

[3] Beauty. So eye cream is my new best friend. I’ve actually been using the whole line of Renée Rouleau products and I’m really impressed with the results, but this eye cream is brilliant. Total Eye Repair. Because, DAMN, we need to repair those eyes. And forget wearing your hair down, your kid is gonna pull all that shit out, like giant chunks of hair, and then they are going to try and eat it… Weirdos. I love these Emi Jay hair ties, they help you avoid hair headache!

[4] Entertainment. Our attention spans are pretty pathetic these days, but once the monster nugget is asleep we like to snuggle and laugh our asses off. Currently, we are obsessed with Blackish and The Mindy Project. We also love Modern Family, New Girl, About a Boy, and Brooklyn 99.  All VERY funny and while we might not know much, we know funny. We also watch The Walking Dead, but we right now we are a few episodes behind. CARRLLLLLLLLLLL.

[5] New Challenge. Journaling. I opened up to a wonderful friend about how the exhaustion was really weighing on me. I feel tired to my core. It’s so hard to do anything well when you are that worn out and that can really start to affect your mood. I had been praying for rest for Mohawk and for The Captain and I and was just really feeling unheard, my friend suggested journaling and just keeping all those thoughts fresh in my mind and having an open and honest connection to my feelings and to God.

Hope this helps in some small way!! It helped me just to right it out!! So ladies, I want to know what are your must haves when you are utterly exhausted!?!

The good, the bad, and the hot damn mess

So don’t get too excited. Not only did I forget that the GGs were even on, I have not the time or energy to do a full blown critique session. I have decided to bring back a lite version of my classic The good, the bad, and the hot damn mess. You can see me in my glory days back on the old site. I think it’s still up and running, honestly, I have no idea [insert deep sigh here]. On top of everything, I’ve gone completely soft in my old age and can’t quite bring myself to openly mock people… okay, that last part is a lie, but still I’ve limited myself this year. Try not to pee yourself with excitement folks.

The GoodSienna-MillerBest look of the night. Hands. Down. Sienna Miller in Miu Miu wins all the awards. I am in awe of her, I want to grow up to be her. This is head to toe glamour. Love her relaxed styling. Love. Love. Love.
Diane-KrugerAhhhhh Diane. My angel of light. This dress by Emilia Wickstead is just pure ice princess glam [Thanks Rapha]. I love everything this lady touches, included one Pacey Whiter. HEY-OHHHHH. Dakota-JohnsonSay what you will about the casting of Miss. Ana Steele, but this Chanel stunner is absolutely marvelous on Dakota Johnson. Like come on, hello hot stuff. I love it.Emma-StoneIt’s hard to beat Emma Stone in this Lanvin jumpsuit. Like she is just so epically cool. Plus her hair is to die for… I’m seriously wanting a cut now…

The BadKatherine-HeiglWell look at Katherine Heigl working hard to be relevant again. AHEM. Maybe you should be nicer to the people who have helped make you famous. This is not a great look and she did NOT look comfortable in the gown… And on top of errything her hair and makeup don’t look finished. Rosamund-PikeOh Jane Bennet Amy Dunne Rosamund Pike this is just so unfortunate in just so many ways… I can’t even… I like her so much… I just can’t.
Kerry-WashingtonI honest to God don’t know where to begin with this… I’m just confused on every level. Kerry Washington is beyond gorgeous. Is there a story behind this look that will help me understand!? Help me understand!?!?

The Hot Damn MessesLaura-PreponWhy must we always have an Elvira moment!? Does no one ever learn!? Laura Prepon definitely hasn’t and while I detest her hair color I understand it’s for her job, but come on, that doesn’t mean she has to go full blown American Horror Story on us. Better luck next time Donna.
Zosia-MametI’ve been told I need to watch Girls. Just not the second or third season… So basically season one. So basically it’s good for 10 episodes. I’ll pass. Give me more time to watch Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars like the adult that I am. Zosia Mamet is on Girls. Her dad is David Mamet. Zosia Mamet is famous because her father is David Mamet. Am I right!? No sarcasm. I seriously want to know? Regardless, this is the worst outfit ever and I feel like she was going for Grace Kelly and ended up closer to Doris Day… I can’t tell if it’s serious or “I’m a theatre actor” ironic… I don’t think I care.
Amanda-PeetI’m told this is Amanda Peet… Beautiful, stunning Amanda Peet… I don’t know what to say, but I know that this makes me sad on the inside…

**All Images Via. Be sure to head over to Popsugar of a look at all the Red Carpet looks**

Dressing Your Post Baby Body

mommy and boysphoto via Kelsey Erin | [jacket] ancient Zara [sweater] H&M only 20 bucks! [jeans] Paige Premium [booties] Cole Haan on MAJOR sale! [on Rocco] Gap

Congratulations. You’ve made, housed, and birthed a child. You are amazing. Take a second to mentally pat yourself on the pack, or hell, actually pat yourself on the back… Better yet, have someone give you a pat on the back followed by a serious back massage because your back aches all. the. time. amIright!?!?! Let’s be honest. Having a kid totally wrecks your body. Like come on… Apart from all the crazy stuff that happens whilst exiting a person from your lady palace, you are left with this completely foreign body. I mean for me, my hips were/ still are extra wide, my tummy was/still is just pudgy and loose, and the nursing boobs… oh the massive boobs…  It’s hard to not compare yourself to your pre-baby bod or friends and celebrities who seem to shrink back down to a tiny miniature version of themselves, walking out of the hospital in their skinniest skinny jeans. Betches!! Remember, you are a magical goddess who CREATED a life inside your body, try to cut yourself some slack. Plus, I guarantee those skinny-minnies have post baby insecurities just like the rest of us. So while I figure out this new body of mine I’m going to report back my findings to you! Today we start with absolute must have for dressing your pbb!!!

[Basics Felicity Slimming Nursing Cami]  Slimming nursing tanks have become my best friend, my favorite is from good ol’ Target. It’s 25 bucks and makes my mid-section happy. We all know that I am anti-nursing bra [still not a fan] and thus far, I have yet to purchase one but I looooove these slimming tanks.  They are perfect for layering under baggy shirts, sweaters, and dresses. I wear them under errything and they make the tatas super accessible and make me feel much less muffin-toppy. The easy access is clutch because let’s be awesome your boobs are really the star of the show if you choose to nurse. [Side note: Breastfeeding Musts] I had some trouble nursing in the first 3 weeks and even had a scare with mastitis. I ended up pumping a lot so I had to run out to get milk storage bags. Yeah, didn’t know that was a thing.  And because the ladies hurt so badly I used these awesome boob pads to help with clogged ducts and engorgement. UGH, what a gross word… And for the nips, The Honest Company nipple balm was a lifesaver early on! I would lather that stuff up and because it’s food safe there’s no need to wipe it off before feeding the munchkin.

We have much fun to discuss, so stay tuned for more of my tricks to dressing that post baby body!!! Here are a few of the tips you can look forward to in the upcoming months. [loose dresses that don’t look like a sack] [rocking high waisted yoga pants] [a new pair of skinny jeans] [the art of the baggy tee] [mom shoes] [leather leggings for the cool mom] [the “i only got 4 hours of sleep, but want to look alive” 5 minute face]

2014: A Year in Pictures

DSC_0072-ZF-7445-37833-1-016[Favorite baby shower outfit]

fave fashion 1[Favorite hiding baby bump/I ate a large burrito look]

DSC_2543[Favorite preggo look for buying real estate]

Blissful-Happenings-Shoot-3-039[Favorite pattern]

Blissful-Happenings-Shoot-3-073[Best accessories]

Blissful-Happenings-Shoot-3-066[Favorite Picture]

Blissful-Happenings-Pesto-Shoot-09[Most worn outfit]

photo 2[My usual. Ate this the day I went into labor]

IMG_3403[Most craved meal during Pregnancy]

photo 5[Most frequently made meal]

photo 3[Favorite healthy, yet seemingly naughty, meal]

photo 1[Currently Craving]

1[Favorite Products]

IMG_5288[Best News… I peed on those]

DSC_0890-(ZF-8413-57929-1-006)DSC_0887-(ZF-8413-57929-1-003)[New favorite room in the house]

DSC_0990-(ZF-2135-99237-1-001)[Gave birth to the sweetest nugget]

DSC_0083-(ZF-7269-89565-1-015)[Best. Day. EVER.]

DSC_0792-(ZF-1563-22915-1-005)[My heart melted into a puddle]

DSC_0891-(ZF-4886-48187-1-010)DSC_1109-ZF-4178-06689-1-001-017 DSC_1187-ZF-4178-06689-1-001-013[Dreams Came True. See you in 2015]

**All non-food pictures Kelsey Erin Photography**