November, 2016

Days of Future Past… 

Dear college Lo,
Working and going to school is hard. I know it seems overwhelming. I know you get bummed out when you realize your only 2 days off from work are 12 hour days at school, but one day you are going to appreciate it, I swear. Living on your own is an amazing experience and worth it in almost every way. Soak up the independence.
But if I can offer some advice, stop buying crappy mall clothes and use that money to travel, go on oh-so-many adventures.

Save. You will be so happy you did. Even if it’s just 50 dollars a month, trust me on this. College loans are a bummer, but luckily there are companies out there, like Earnest, that can help you with refinancing your student loans! Any amount you have saved is going to help you in the long run! FOR. REALS.

Stop eating out all the time and for the love of God get a coffee maker. You work at a homegoods store, like come on?? Starbucks is not your friend.

Write more. You’re sort of good at it and it makes you really happy.

Live in the now. You’re always so worried about what’s coming next. Enjoy the moment. You have plenty of time to figure things out. So study and work hard, but say yes more to experiences.

Go outside more. Rock climb, hike. Hint, hint. Those will be things you will shockingly enjoy!

Definitely study abroad. Your Egypt trip will change your life and open your eyes in so many ways. Do it.

School stinks some days, but in 10 years you are going to be so thrilled and amazed that you finished. You worked hard and accomplished a goal all on your own. Your diploma was well earned.

You don’t know this now, but in a decade you’re going to have kids. 2 of them. I know?! Crazy. When you look at your 2 boys you are going to wish all kinds of amazing things for their future. You will hope that they have wonderful college experiences and know the importance of working hard and being responsible, independent men. You will hope to pass down the knowledge you have from your time in college, be proud of your story!


Your super old future self

It’s about time

fullsizerenderBefore I had kids I can’t say I thought a ton about time. But man has that changed. When will we sleep through the night? How long ago did they eat? What time do I need to start getting ready if I’m going to leave sorta on time? How is my first baby already 2 years old?? Has it really been 3 months since we went from 1 to 2?! It’s truly amazing how children get you thinking about the future and just how quickly time moves. I find myself taking mental snapshots as often as I can, just concentrating on the amazing time in my life. We will never be here again. It’s beautiful… and sad. Like, slow down world.
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