June, 2016

Mi Casa est Mi Casa

IMG_4149 IMG_4150 IMG_4151 IMG_5132 IMG_5133 IMG_5139 IMG_5140We are homeowners. Like whoa. We’ve owned a home for nearly 4 months and that’s just crazy. We live in what some most would consider the middle of nowhere, but our house is simply the best. The walls are already lovingly destroyed thanks to our wild child. Seriously, forget pet deposits when renting, where are the toddler deposits?!  But as we design our space to fit the lives of parents with 2 kiddos AND 2 dogs, we’ve tried to keep a few things in mind. Kids will destroy it. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to just give up and have a bleh space! I think it requires just a little bit of planning, a touch of creativity, and a whole lot of not worrying about stuff. It’s just stuff.

My thoughts on design with a kid are not much different from my thoughts on interior design in general. Do it. Just do it. If it’s something you like, go for it. Rarely have the weird design decisions I’ve chosen to make turned out poorly! Seriously! People always make comments about my design aesthetic, which I lovingly refer to as Tacky Chic, but truthfully it’s so easy, it’s about loving your space. YOUR space, so if you want crazy mismatched pillows and a bright overdyed rug and mexican blankets, then go for it! Hang pictures and hang them well out of reach from prying baby hands. I’ve made that mistake. Print and hang ALL. THE. PICTURES. Canvas on Demand, the app Parabo Press, and Mpix are my go to’s for photo printing, but also don’t be afraid of finding cool pieces in unexpected places. I look for artwork everywhere and don’t believe in rules, so if I like it, I go for it. I found an amazing gold shelf in the kid’s Pillowfort section of Target, but I don’t need any rules how to rock, so it’s in our living room. And vice-versa the kid’s rooms have almost no decor that was intended for a nursery [with exception of their cribs]. Basically, don’t bring yourself down with the don’t and rules of design, have fun, spend lots of time on Pinterest figuring out what you like, and be realistic about your lifestyle. Boom. Design Wisdom.

Our living room is probably our most utilized room in the house. We love it.  Nothing is too fancy that we worry about Sir Peanut Butter Hands destroying it, but still feels pulled together and fun! We started with a sectional from good ole IKEA. It’s comfy, hides stains well, and easy to clean! We had our eye on a more expensive option, but ended up choosing practicality. Our pillows are a collection of West Elm and Target. I think the piece de resistance is most definitely our RugsUSA over-dyed rug. It’s a synthetic fiber rug, that looks great and is so super easy to clean making it a major yes. So while I would’ve loved a antique overdid Persian wool rug, the price point makes our rug well worth the damage my boys will inflict upon it. We don’t have any fancy silk pillows or a expensive antiques, but our home is kid friendly all without sacrificing style!

It’s still a work in process. We will probably add more art, fill up the gold shelf, and we are having a table made for the boys that mimics our own dining table to use with the play chairs!

rug | sofa | hustling pillow | mexican blanket | shelf | oh joy pillow – similar | fluffy pillow | | kids chairs | pillowfort shelflamp | coffee table | black n white throw

It’s just your baby…

IMG_4525I was asked recently why having a natural birth was so important to me… I knew I had a reason. I knew I did. But in the moment it took me a while to gather my thoughts, let’s blame it on preggo brain… I started writing this more as a way to organize my inner monologue and thought it could maybe help someone, so there you go.

I never for a second considered having an epidural or any kind of pain meds during labor. I fully realize that they are a marvel of modern medicine, but it never even crossed my mind. My mom had natural births. My 2 best friends had natural births. I hate pain, but I believe in the power of my own body. So with my first son it never even presented itself as an option. I told friends “if I change my mind during labor, then I will” but I only said that to make people feel better. I knew I wasn’t going to. I knew it. I also, through much research, found myself constantly seeing connections between interventions such as inducing and epidurals and the slippery slope leading to stalled labors and emergency C sections… Ummmm, no thank you.
With that decided, I begin to pray every day. Every time I was in the car or waiting for the doctor. I prayed and prayed and prayed. I prayed for all the specifics of my labor. I wanted an 8 hour labor (I was a realist). I wanted to go into labor at night so the midwife would be at the hospital. And I wanted to use zero pain intervention. The power of prayer is strong because I had all of my prayers answered. Did it hurt?! Like a son of a bitch. Did I survive it?! Absolutely, like a boss. Would I change a thing?! Never. The second my baby was on my chest the work was forgotten and I had literally had control of my entire labor and birth. I didn’t have doctors telling me when to push. I knew. My body knew. I was so focused I had no time to worry or stall my labor. I was in it 100% and that control was just beautiful.
So back to my answer. I had a natural birth because I was meant to. That may sound silly, but it was all I needed to know. Now with my second baby due in just 9 weeks I’m facing these questions and decisions all over again. And I’ve found myself giving advice, offering opinions [when asked] and my main point to those asking is know WHY you want it and don’t allow yourself or others to think otherwise. Surround yourself with people who support and believe in you and your body. You need to know you can and will get through labor. You need to remember with each contraction that is just your baby making his way to you. You need to know that it’s the most beautiful and primal thing you can ever do. You need to know the amazing power you possess.
Now, sometimes medical intervention is absolutely necessary and praise The Lord for doctors and midwives who know what they are doing, but I would just ask you to know your options. Don’t just accept everything you are told. Be educated. Trust your instincts. Take classes. Hire a Doula. Watch documentaries. Be involved in your birth story no matter what path you choose!