June, 2014


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So I’m a hippie… Ehhhh sorta. It was once pointed out by a friend’s husband that while I have an affinity for the natural and eat a plant based diet that does not a hippie make… He has a point, yet even with all of my decidedly non-hippie luxuries most of my friends and family would label me a hippie. Moving on.

Last May when The Captain returned from the high seas we decided it was the right time in our lives to make a baby. I’d been a vegan for nearly 5 years at the time, exercised regularly, rarely took even over-the-counter meds, and would consider myself a pretty healthy individual. We thought getting pregnant was going to be a breeze… Not so much, now we in no way had long term struggle, but at nearly 8 months, it was much longer than expected. During this time I read everything I could possibly find about fertility and pregnancy all under the guise of wanting to learn how to “natural family plan.” Ha! I also started reading about how many of the toxic products we ingest and apply topically have a very real and serious affect on so much of our health, including fertility.

I had stopped using my beloved Retin-A and just about all other acne products in my arsenal, but still decided to check out Jessica Alba’s book. I had heard her story on Ellen or something and really was digging what she was selling. She, being concerned for her daughter, wanted answers about what is in the products we buy, especially those for our children!!! Like come on, it’s absolutely our right and I hate to break it to you… People be effing shady!!!! The business culture of today is just sell, sell, sell by any means necessary and we are all suffering. The toxic chemicals that are allowed in the products we buy is absolutely appalling and I refuse to be blissfully ignorant anymore.

honestI loved her book and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to kick the toxic crap out of their lives! I got rid of every single soap, lotion, sunscreen, body wash, or cleaning product that had any questionable ingredients. I’m still working on cleaning up my makeup drawer, but I got rid of my foundation and started testing non-toxic options and finally have one I love. More on that another time. Now, I’m not saying that by tossing my Jergens lotion I was magically able to get pregnant, but I will say that I am healthier and better for it! Now being very much pregnant, I’m grateful for the knowledge and so happy to be able to grow Rocco without all that added toxic junk!!

I’m so excited to start receiving The Honest Co Essentials bundle in the next week or so!! Be sure to check out The Honest Co’s website for a free trial of their most popular items!!!  And you guys, they are starting to sell Honest products at Target!! Praise The Lord! So far, I am a huge fan of their shampoo/body wash which smells like Heaven, literally just like Heaven. Their healing balm has been keeping my lips silky smooth and will definitely be a must have when lil’ Rocco arrives for pesky diaper rash! I’m also loving their all-purpose cleaner, it smells like delicious grapefruit, which I then wanted to eat. The Captain assured me while it was non-toxic it was probably best to just use it to clean counters. I can’t wait to get my first shipment of goodies and I’ll keep you posted on the products I just can’t live without!!!

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Kendra’s Night Out!


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Does anybody else have Will Smith stuck in their head?! No? Just me? Okay… Recently I was approached by the lovely Kendra Thornton to be apart of her Kendra’s Night Out Miami Vacation Challenge, that’s a mouthful. And because when it comes to shopping I just can’t help myself, I whipped up some inspiration for her to rock on a beautiful trip to Miami, land of ArtDeco, Cuban sandwiches, and first rate nightlife.

Challenge Extended: I have always loved the 1920s period in fashion. There were so many amazing outfits. The beaded dresses, feather headdresses and perfect makeup looks just always give me ideas for what to wear. I feel like I am headed to the 1920s again with my trip to Miami. My husband and I decided to go for a really lavish hotel that we found on gogobot. It’s called the Biltmore Estate, and it’s one of the oldest historical sites in Miami. I feel so lucky to stay here, but I am in desperate need of some fashion advice. My wardrobe is too mommy for Miami! I want to go to a few different romantic spots with my husband and just enjoy myself on our break, but I don’t even know where to look for a new outfit. I definitely need a new look for a special date that my husband and I have planned. It would be amazing to have a day look that was comfortable enough to wear around the hotel and another evening look to go out in. We are going to spend some time exploring the historical and cultural areas of Miami like Little Havana and even do a little shopping at the Lincoln Road Mall. I can’t wait to just relax and take a break from life in Miami. Any ideas that you have would make it easier to pack some gorgeous new digs for the trip.

Challenge Accepted.

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[tank dress] Splendid [maxi dress] Loft [eyelet shirt] Loft [patterned shorts] JCrew [headband] Anthro [sandals] Latigo [sunglasses] Warby Parker x Karlie Kloss [bracelet] Gorjana [satchel] Rebecca Minkoff

I wanted to give Kendra a fresh and modern look for her trip! Glamourous, yet casual and functional. I like to travel light, if I can use the same accessories for most of my looks I am a happy camper traveler. Seriously, I’d never go camping, do you know me at all!?! So I found some genius pieces to rock with all of her day options and a few even transition perfectly for night!!! Hooray! I loved the idea of this brilliant eyelet top paired with a chic pair of shorts for exploring the grounds of the absolutely stunning hotel! I’m obsessed with both dresses and thought they would be perfect for exploring little Havana or doing some serious shopping at Lincoln Road mall! Add the beautiful crystal headband and you are ready for a night out in full 20’s glamour!!

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[jumpsuit] Eighty Sixty [sandals] Steve Madden [clutch] DVF [bracelet] Gorjana [Ring] House of Harlow [necklace] House of Harlow

Hello Hot Stuff!!! This jumpsuit is just magical and so unbelievably chic! Light and perfect for Miami’s sweltering heat. I loved the idea of pairing it with a brilliant pair of floral heels, a bold clutch, a dainty bracelet, and two statement pieces. I am a big fan of House of Harlow and both of these pieces have a lil’ Art Deco something-something that just completes the Miami look completely.

Where are you vacationing this summer? What’s your best packing tip?? Happy Traveling!

Busy Living…

photoFact. I’ve been noticeably absent and I feel like that’s probably how it’s going to be for the next season of my life… I will still be here, but I’m putting very little pressure on myself to blog regularly. Now, for the 6 people that read often, I am so grateful and worry not. I’ll still be around, but with vacations, visitors, and a growing bambino inside of me I am busy enjoying this beautiful time in my life and preparing for it to NEVER be the same.

So some days I’ll see ya and some days I won’t… and I’m okay with that. 

Black Bean Singing in the Dead of Night.

IMG_6074Yes, I have a friend who thinks/thought those were the lyrics… We can all collectively shake our heads. Sigh. I love Latin and Mexican flavors more than any food on the planet. Don’t tell my Italian family… Oops, I guess I sort of blew that shit. I came up with these beans whilst planning a meal for a small gathering. Now the picture, I’ll admit, is not my best camera work. But the beans, oh the beans. So yummy! Totally tasty with enough spice to keep you wanting more!!!

Feeds 6-8

2 15 oz cans of black beans preferably organic, strained and rinsed

1 medium sweet onion, chopped

2- 3 cloves of garlic, minced

2 tomatoes, diced

2 chipotle peppers in adobo, minced + 2 teaspoons of liquid. [Feel free to add more, but these guys pack a punch]

2 cups + a few tablespoons to sauté onions of veggie stock

Start onion with a tablespoon or so of veggie stock. Let them get nice and soft and then add garlic, cook for a few minutes until fragrant. Add tomato, chipotles, and adobo liquid. Let warm then add rinsed beans and rest of the veggie stock. Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer for at least an hour, but the longer they cook the yummier they get. Serve with Mexi rice or with fajita veggies in a corn tortilla. Salivating.

Keeping Up with the Blogosphere…


Last week I found the GENIUS Instagram account @YouDidNotEatThat and a brilliant little interview with their head-thinker over at The Cut. This article really hit a chord with me. I’ve been blogging for years… literally, years. My blog has always stayed relatively small and never really launched me into the blogging stratosphere, which is fine. I’ve kept up with it in varying degrees because it was a creative and honest reflection of the life I live and people a few people seem to be interested.

Now I’m not about name calling or singling out, but it seems as though the world of blogging has become more and more out of reach for the everyday person. Frankly, it’s gotten ridiculous. Posts are styled within an inch of their lives. Seriously, it’s all glitter, peonies, macaroons, a YSL lipgloss and so much other shit you rarely know what product they are singling out!! Pretty!!? Absolutely. Completely and utterly unrealistic? Undoubtedly.

So this is just me reminding you that comparing your life to these bloggers and blogs is as useless as comparing yourself to a supermodel. It’s not real. They are given clothes, they spend hours making sure their food pictures look legit, and they style every photo that’s taken. It’s just important to see past the bullshit and understand that NO ONE lives like this, but it’s their job to make you think they do.

I do my absolute best to create a space that is honest and true. I wear every single outfit that I post and I purchase every piece I wear. I eat, literally, every single recipe I post! In fact, I meal plan around what recipes I want to make for the blog!! The pics of my house are actually my house. There’s no special lighting brought in, I don’t add fresh flowers to make it more blog-y… it’s just my house. So I’m not trying to say how awesome I am… well, I AM awesome, but that I really do strive to have a space that’s relatable and authentic.

Peace Out.