May, 2014

The Most Important Meal of the Day

photoSo you hear this your whole life and for all the preggos out there breakfast can seem like the greatest meal you’ve ever had in your life!!! If you are anything like me, you are thrilled to wake up in the morning because that means you can eat!!! This little boy keeps me hungry ALL. THE. TIME. and I want ALL. THE. FOOD. I try to start my day off with a healthy, filling choice to set me on the right path for the rest of the day. Now, I’m super lucky that I wasn’t crazy sick for the first trimester, Praise The Lord. I did indeed have plenty of nauseous days in the early weeks and I found that eating a small, balanced breakfast actually helped keep the tummy troubles at bay. So anywhozzle, here are a few of my favorite bfast meals. photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 copy photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 copy photo 5 photoSo you can see a lot of the same basic ideas repeated and with slight variations. First off, lotsa fruit. I’m not picky. Strawberries, blueberries, oranges, bananas, plums… you name it! So on top of being full of vitamins and nutrients, hello vitamin c, potassium, and folic acid, fruit is full of fiber which is important all the time, but especially whilst pregnant. Can anyone say hemorrhoids!?!? Sound awful?! Getcha fiber. Secondly, I usually have walnuts, nature’s best plant based source of omega-3’s, a B vitamin cray important during pregnancy. They are are also pumped full of protein and fiber. Same with sunflower seeds packed full of  B vitamins, folate, and a host of other wonderful health benefits with little fat. Every once in a while, I’ll have a soy yogurt with granola, walnuts, and shredded coconut. Yum. I’ve even made breakfast ice-cream. Yes, it’s green. Throw a frozen banana, handful of greens, and a splash of almond milk into a blender and top with pepitas and shredded coconut. YUM. I’m not a huge toast person, but when I do I love Ezekiel bread toasted and spread with some all-natural almond butter! I also had a kick of the McDougall Right Foods oatmeal cups. So easy!!! Pop them in the microwave with some water and boom. Done. I forgo the sugar packet and add a touch of maple syrup, some nuts or seeds and berries. Talk about starting the morning right!  And because it can’t hurt, I sometimes add a cup of fortified almond milk or orange juice.

Hope this inspires you to have yummy plant based breakfasts that are good for you and your little nugget!!!

The Summer Outfit I Won’t get to Wear…

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So, I don’t mean this in a negative way… I am very happy to pregnant and very much loving my big ol’ belly, but damn why are there so many adorable things out and about this season that are just not compatible to a preggo tummy!?! Like Rompers. Very hard to get the fit right or a piece that doesn’t have elastic around the natural waist. And crop tops. If I have to explain to you why this is just wrong in every conceivable way then you are in the wrong place. Just go! Get the hell outta here! That is why I am putting together the summer look that I will not be able to wear this year.  Enjoy you skinny bitches!

The Power of Yes.


Back in February I wrote a post with my advice for life because at my advanced age I felt it was time I gave back some of the mighty knowledge that has been bestowed upon me in my many, many, many years on this Earth. As it turns out, one of those perils of wisdom has become even more important as my pregnancy progresses. Being a person who says yes isn’t always easy, hell, it’s not even always possible, but it is important. I think a meaningful life lies in the space between thinking and doing, it’s the action that makes life special. I’m the type of person that is easily wrapped up in things and can be distracted by the smallest detail. I’m a stellar worrier, I always have been. It takes a lot of effort and prayer for me to really be present in the moment. We have so many distractions these days iPhones, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs upon blogs, and endless streaming Netflix that it’s possible to live an entire life and not really have to be present EVER. Let’s change that.

When someone asks you to grab lunch, do it! Been thinking about serving at church or volunteering, don’t put it off anymore! A friend has tickets to a show that is grossly past your bedtime, go and soak it all in!!! Never-ever-ever miss the opportunity to let someone know you are there for them! Sometimes the simple act of bringing a sick friend flowers or just calling your buddy who’s husband is deployed will not only make them feel loved, but will undoubtedly bring you joy as well. These things are all about just living in the moment, realizing that you are not the center of the universe, and saying yes to the fleeting thoughts in your head telling you to do something kind. Life is such a precious gift, I can’t understand why so many of us are content to only live some of the time. I want to be a person who says yes to life, adventure, serving, and helping my friends. I want to be a yes person because that’s what I want for my son. I want him to accept each day as a possible adventure and a chance to show love to the people around him.

Live an exciting life, it’s the only one you’ve got. Let’s do more than just exist.

High Tea

photo 1Because vegans shouldn’t be left out of the fun!!! When my friends decided to have a Tea Party I quickly volunteered to make cucumber sandwiches. Now I’d like to say it’s because I’m just a kind person, but let’s be honest… I just wanted to be able to eat them! Greedy lil’ vegan. As it turns out, they were pretty freaking delicious and super easy to make. I found most recipes to be way too complicated, so I just decided to make up my own. They were a hit and no one knew they were lacking animal products. Score.

photo 5Cucumber Tea-Sammies

1 large english cucumber, sliced very thin

8 oz tofutti cream cheese

2 tablespoons of veganaise

3-4 tablespoon of The Spice Hunter organic dill packet

loaf of white bread

First, slice the cucumber in half then slice super thin, if you have a mandolin you should definitely use it! Then mix the cream cheese, veganaise, and spice packet. Slather mixture on good ole’ fashioned white bread, then add 2 cucumbers. I found that it was best to assemble the sammies then cut the crusts off and into your desired shape… I prefer odd sorta-triangles. Place on a plate/tray and watch them disappear in flash.


Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 02 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 04 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 07 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 09photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [dress] RVCA from Mimi & Red [shoes] Old Cynthia Vincent, these are pretty chic [bracelet] Lenny and Eva

So the lesson of today’s blog is “try shit on” because honestly you just never know!! I’ve done closet cleanses where I am certain that I will hate a piece and when the client puts it on, I’m pleasantly surprised. The same happens in the store, the hanger is not a great place to get a feel for an item of clothing. You must try clothing on. I almost missed out on this dress because I assumed it would be too vulgar on a pregnant chick. Luckily, the day after I saw it in the store, I saw a super-cute super-preggs rocking it something fierce. I immediately went back and purchased it! With a surprising amount of support from my growing tatas and a super comfy loose skirt, it’s basically the perfect pregnant lady get up! And bonus, it’s still gonna be fabulous after bambino is born! I rock it with my favorite gladiators and some simple jewelry. Boom! Insta-Cali and the perfect boho summer look!

What a Week!?

stay classyimage via

So last week was insane on so many levels. Personally it was a very tough week and on top of all those emotions, San Diego decided to erupt into flames! It was insane. I’m an East coast girl, so this sort of thing is completely and totally new to me! Fearing for your home and family basically 24 hours a day until the fires were contained, feeling completely helpless… It’s a special kind of awful. I’m just gonna say that if someone was actually starting the fires may God have mercy on their soul…

To all the fire fighters, first responders, and military personal who work tirelessly to keep our city safe, thank you, thank you! Have a great Monday and Stay classy Safe San Diego!!