April, 2014

It’s Pronounced Tar-Jay

Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 27 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 28 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 29 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 30photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [tank] Target [shorts] Levis [sandals] super old Sam Edelman, love this updated version [slimming tank] Lizard Thicket [necklaces] Dogeared & Sea and Cake [ring] Betsy & Iya [on nails] Taboo by Chanel

Spring is upon us and this was my last ditch effort to fit into my favorite shorts before this baby bump becomes too out of control. I did try the “hair tie trick” with this pair of button fly shorts and it actually works okay. Basically, you loop the hair tie through the button hole and then loop the other end a few times around the button. I wouldn’t want to do this with a zipper fly, but it worked just fine with these. I am obsessed with this Target tank! I want to go get another style. 15 bucks and the perfect length for a growing belly! This is why people love Target!!! I have on my favorite nude slimming tank from my sister’s store in Georgia, if you are in the Newnan area you should totes go check it out!!! Right now, I’m on the lookout for the perfect pair of affordable pregnancy shorts, not an easy task!! So stay tuned for that!!!

Presto Pesto Magic

Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 38 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 42 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 45 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 46 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 49photos by Kelsey Erin Photography

I am a real deal Italian and I love being Italian. LOVE. IT. I was insistent upon keeping my very Italian last name when I got married because it was so important to me! My people are the creators of some pretty epic food, I mean pasta is magic! Literal, magic. This pesto is super easy and will have even the pickiest of eaters swooning! It’s great with pasta

, veggies, breadsticks, or even a replacement for mayo! The possibilities are endless!!! This oil-free version is seriously guilt-free! So enjoy, and enjoy often!

Makes enough to coat 2 pounds ‘o’ pasta!

3 cups loosely packed basil

2 cups loosely packed spinach

2 tablespoons lemon juice

2 huge garlic cloves

1/4 cup pine nuts

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon of veggie stocks

a few solid pinches of salt to taste

Blend in a blender until smooth. Yep, that’s it. AWESOMENESS. I know, right!?

Hey Hot Stuff!

Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 73 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 74Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 76 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 79 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 81photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [leggings] American Apparel [tee] Target [sweater] Old Loft, but this one is brilliant [heels] honest to God, I have NO IDEA, but these are fab, these too! [necklace] ancient Banana Republic, this one would do the trick nicely!

So what do you wear when your pants no longer fit and you live in a place that is 85 degrees and scorching one day then 60 degrees and chilly the next!?!? BOOM. I love this outfit. These leggings were brought to my attention by a distant memory of a friend, but I will forever appreciate her insisting I buy these. They are magical! Yes, they are shiny which I know makes many of you say, “well you can pull that off, but I just couldn’t ever… blah, blah” Now let me explain, the sheen on these leggings catches the light perfectly and makes them epically slimming! Like straight up supermodel legs! And when the body you know is expanding at a rapid rate, feeling slim and held in is really important! I would suggest these leggings to anyone! I have the black and am debating the poppy color. For the preggos out there, one fold and they are the perfect for 1st and 2nd trimester, I’ll report about the 3rd as I get there, but I think they will be perfect. You can pair them with a long tunic, blousey tank, or even a simple white boyfriend tee[my favorite]. The possibilities are endless! Pair with a chic sweater, kimono, or leather jacket and you have a super easy, super cute look preggo or not! I chose to rock heels, but this would be just as fab with flats or a pair of cool sneakers, I’m partial to this pair! Oh and bonus they are on sale for the next 2 days, in fact most everything at Piperlime is 20% off, so get on that!

Recreating Perfection

photo 1 photo 2Last year I attended a friends wedding in Maryland and whilst in the DC area we were able to hang with some of our east coast peeps. One morning we ate at Busboys and Poets and my life forever changed. I had the most unbelievable and delish tofu wrap. It was seriously one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I dream about it. I actually think about planning trips to DC just so that I can go and eat this thing again! Suuuurisly, it’s totes that good. So after 8 months of craving, I had to try and recreate the tofu-y, faken’ bacon-y, cheeze-y deliciousness. Note: this took a hot minute to prepare, so give yourself an hour if you want to enjoy this awesomeness. My wrap didn’t turn out exactly like my dreams, but it was pretty tasty! The “bacon” was so super sweet and maple-y and the potatoes were a brilliant side.

Feeds 4

Breakfast Potatoes

5 medium/small red potatoes, chopped small so they cook faster and crisp up easy

3 tablespoons of olive oil**

1/2 teaspoon of dried parsley

1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder

a few pinches of salt

pinch of cayenne [optional]

Place potatoes evenly on a baking sheet, mix well with oil and spices. Bake for 35 minutes at 375 degrees, then bump the oven up to 450 and cook for 10 more minutes to crisp those suckers up!

Maple Bacon Seitan

2 seitan slices [if you can only find chunks than, of course, use those]

2 tablespoons of maple syrup

1 teaspoon of liquid smoke

1/4 teaspoon salt

Let the seitan soak up the maple goodness while you are working on your potatoes! Then sauté in a hot pan until cooked through. 5-7 minutes on medium heat. Be sure not to overcook or you will end up with rubber faken-bacon, I know something about this. It does NOT taste good. Chop into bite sized pieces for the wrap!

Tofu Scramble

1/2 block of tofu, pressed and then smushed with a fork

3 tablespoons red bell peppers, diced

3 tablespoons red onion, diced

handful of spinach, cut into strips

1/2 teaspoon tumeric

1/2 teaspoon dried parsley

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup of diaya cheddar shreds

quarter of a lemon

cooked setian bacon

flour tortillas

I cook this up just like my tofu scramble. I used a touch of oil to start the onions because I was desperately trying to recreate the meal. Once they are soft add red peppers and spinach. Once spinach is wilted add smushed tofu and all spices. Finish off by adding the chopped pieces of seitan and the cheese mixing until melted. Place into tortillas, and fold in the sides and roll up into a yummy burrito!!

**Yes, I used oil!!! I don’t cook with much oil in my house. I find it pretty unnecessary in daily life, it’s basically fat and calories that you don’t need in your life. I know plenty of people have plenty of opinions on healthy fat, blah blah. As an informed human, I find that it should be treated, like a cupcake, as an indulgence. Here is a list of research that is truly eye opening!**

Seeing Stripes

Blissful Outfits - 10 Blissful Outfits - 11 Blissful Outfits - 13 photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [shirt] Audrey from Mimi & Red [tank] Lizard Thicket [jeans] JBrand maternity [scarf] Urban Outfitter [loafers] old Shoemint, I’m digging this pair!

I am the strange type of person who loves fashion yet craves comfort. It’s a delicate balance… And now that not much of my clothing denim fits, thanks Baby, I am finding it more complicated to dress stylishly without resorting to exclusively wearing yoga pants. I refuse! So here’s one things folks don’t tell you about being preggs. You think oh, I’ll just wear my normal clothes until BAM I’m a cute little mama rocking maxi dresses and friggin’ elastic waistbands. Lies. There’s the dreaded in-between where it just looks like straight up muffin top! You can still mostly button your skinny jeans, but as the hours pass they get tighter and tighter, by noon you have to unbutton them to eat and by 4pm, forget that shit, you are having to unbutton your pants just to stand. TO STAND. WTF!!?! So I found that at around the 3 month mark, I had given up on about 90% of my pants/shorts. Note: I can still rock my Paige Jimmy Jimmy boyfriend jeans[they are on sale], I love them!! They say you can tie a hair tie around your button and keep your wardrobe longer… I couldn’t do it. They also make something called a belly band, but I haven’t read overwhelmingly positive reviews on any of them. Honestly, I’m like, dude, give it up, your pants don’ t fit. You’re growing a human, it’s allowed! Buy a pair of maternity jeans** already!

I find that dealing with the is she pregnant or did she just eat a MASSIVE burrito stage is to wear huge flowy tops, see here, here, here, and here. Luckily, I adore baggy tops, so I am hoping to get through the majority of pregnancy without purchasing many “maternity” items. Much like everyday, if you are going to wear baggy loose tops, you MUST pair them with a skinny bottom! Those proportions will keep you from feeling frumpy!

Blissful Outfits - 16 Blissful Outfits - 17**I gave in and bought a pair of J Brand maternity skinnies and I think they are brilliant. I was looking into the side cutout maternity pants, but found that I really preferred the full panel. It feels like it’s sucking everything in which I love! It’s all personal preference. They are astronomically expensive so definitely check out eBay before your fork over so much $$$. I am looking at them as an investment, I will live in these jeans for nearly 9 months and hell, I now have a solid pair of Thanksgiving pants for LIFE. #Winning

Say Cheese!!

Blissful Happenings - Shoot 3 - 066 Blissful  Happenings  Pesto Shoot - 71 IMG_4775So, you are probably really familiar with the name Kelsey Erin if you frequent the our lil’ blog!! She’s our photographer extraordinaire here at Blissful Happenings, the pics above are a few of my faves!! We adore her and her desire to take beautiful, natural photos!! She has an awesome new website and facebook page, so you should definitely all check it out!! And if you are in the San Diego area, you probably need to get it on it and hire her! She shoots family, newborn, boudoir, maternity sessions beautifully with a keen eye for capturing special moments!! We love our little hippie photog and so will you!!!!!