January, 2014

Lentils Make the World go ’round

photo 1 copy 2Back in December when California was pretending to have a Winter and we actually turned the heat on, I was craving a warm bowl of something… I was cold and all I wanted to eat were Buffalo Bombers from Veggie Grill… ahhh, heaven. Veggie Grill is a vegan junk food paradise and I love it with every fiber of my being, but buffalo bombers and onion rings do not a healthy diet make. Although I really wish they did because DAMNNNN. I digress. So The Captain and I needed a dish that would warm us up, nourish us, and satisfy us enough to avoid grabbing takeout from VG. I found this recipe on good ole Pinterest from the blog In Pursuit of More. I absolutely love lentils and with the tomatoes and potatoes it’s hearty and oh-so-yummy!!!! I’ve made it a few times and found that we like it the best when omitting the carrots, adding some cauliflower to make up for said carrots, and mixing russet and sweet potatoes. YUMMO!!! Check out the recipe here!!

photo 2 copy

the perfect leather jacket.

Blissful Happenings  2 - 06Blissful Happenings  2 - 01Blissful Happenings  2 - 05 Blissful Happenings  2 - 07Blissful Happenings  2 - 03 Blissful Happenings  2 - 04photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | [dress] old Gap [jacket] Madewell [booties] Cole Haan [hat] knit by a friend ;)

So after seeing the multitude of snowy, frigid pictures over the past two days, I’m once again extremely glad that this is my cold weather gear. I mean, I have on a hat!?? In all actuality, I’m sort of jealous of the snow. Not the driving and living in the snow, but just the having a reason to stay bundled up and eat stews… that’s my fantasy to wear a snuggy and eat stew. I mean even our Christmas vacation to the mountains of Idyllwild, CA resulted in 60 degree weather… That’s not winter!! I suppose I  just have to be okay eating my stew in less than freezing temperatures. How many times have I said stew??

Anywho, this jacket is literally the thing I love most in the world. Like material possession, not like my dogs or The Captain— wellllllll… kidding, kidding dude!  It’s called the “perfect leather motorcycle jacket” and it is! OH. MY. GAWD. It is. If you are a leather jacket hoe-bag like myself than this is one to check out!! It feels as soft as all jackets I’ve lusted after with at least double the price tag. It’s still pricey, but it’s a forever piece and seriously, the more I wear it the sexier it gets.

So I’m interested, what is the one thing in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without!? Like you love more than life itself!?! I wanna know!!!


books. books. books.

photo 1photo 6I have a problem. A serious book problem. I am not a Kindle/iPad gizmo reading kinda girl. I want, nay NEED, to have book in my hands. I read The Help on my Ma’s iPad and it was fine, but just not as fulfilling as ferociously tearing through a tree-killing paper book. I am obsessed, going into Barnes & Noble is one of lifes greatest pleasures and I have to try very hard to remind myself that I can get everything cheaper from them online or for Amazon. Patience has never been a virtue I possessed. I’m a big fan of pretty coffee table books. They are just so fun and interesting and make me feel like a fancy lady who has fancy coffee table books… You’ll find stacks of them, literally, all over my house. Above is my formal living room, the vintage 70’s lucite table is one of my most favorite purchases. I stacked it up with some super girly books, a pop of pink, and my favorite mug. photo 4 photo 5 photo 2You guessed it, more books. My collection of random fashion, decor, and art books. I have more, but I realize I would look like a candidate for Hoarders if I didn’t at least try to streamline my collection in our common areas. Yes, I have not one, but two Sex and the City movie picture books… dude, the movies may be giant piles of crap, but you can’t deny the amazing clothes in both films. I bow to Patricia Field and her fashion mastery. This Ikea footlocker is one of the few Ikea purchases that I imagine we will have forever, it’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture and it perfectly hides our obscenely large movie collection. Yes, I probably should be on Hoardersphoto 10 photo 3 photo 9 photo 8 photo 7More fun!!! This is our tv console, good ole Expedit from Ikea. That’s probably our next piece to replace, we want a fancier more grown up piece that has a similar vibe. I am obsessed with bookends and knickknacks… clearly I have a bit of an elephant thing. I hate uniform looking bookshelves. Sooooo boring!! I want to have fun odds and ends that really give it some life! We have been collecting these steadily over the last few years. I also like the books to be placed a bit haphazardly to create some charm. I sort of organize each shelf… sort of, a few travel books, my healthy eating reads, the books that I always go back to, and a few vintage finds that fill my heart with joy. I’m working on cleaning up the billions of wires behind it which is much of the reason I want another piece of furniture. I think being surrounded by books that make you feel happy creates such a personal and special touch to your home. We have a massive Expedit stuffed to the brim in our guest room, but keep the really special books out and near us at all times!!
photo 11And finally, my very small but super special Pride & Prejudice collection. I am slowly building this up. Anytime I find an interesting or pretty version of Pride & Prejudice I buy it. New, used, antique, it doesn’t matter. I’ve got 3 so far, but hope one day to have enough to fill it’s own bookshelf… because you CAN NEVER have too many books. I feel like someone is calling Hoarders on my book loving ass, like right now…

Kale & Artichoke Dip

kaledipI’m pretty sure I made this 20 times over the holidays and as it is virtually fat free and so freaking healthy I didn’t even feel guilty… well, except for maybe the 10 bags of tortilla chips I polished off with it… It was the holidays, lay off me!! I find this dip makes everyone happy from those who love healthy shenanigans to those who think cheese wiz is a food group. I brought this to a party full of manly-men marines and they ate ALL of it. It’s that flipping good. It will be a perfect SuperBowl food and that is happening sometime in the very near future… I believe. I actually have no idea. It will definitely be making an appearance at my Oscar party and my Sochi Opening Ceremony party, also known as the day I turn 30. Oh and just so you aren’t offended when you don’t get an invite, by party, I mean The Captain and I will be eating this dip in our pajamas.

kaledip2Serves a whole heck of a lot of people

12oz frozen kale

1 box of silken tofu, organic ALWAYS!

1 can artichoke hearts, drained and chopped

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1 tablespoon of ume plum paste, [this stuff is wonderful, but you can also use 2 teaspoons of salt instead]

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

2 teaspoons garlic powder

1 tablespoon of arrowroot [or organic, non-gmo cornstarch]

pinch of dried parsley

pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Heat kale in microwave until thawed, then strain all of the access liquid. In a high powered blender mix everything, included the spinach and half of the chopped artichokes. Pulse until blended, but still slightly chunky. Pour into a baking dish and mix in the rest of the artichokes. Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until it’s warmed through. Let sit for 10 minutes before devouring… if that’s even possible.

Great. Now, I want it right now and I’ll even make my own tortilla chips by baking organic corn tortillas at 450 for 6-8 minutes to keep it super healthy. Orrrr I’ll just eat a whole bag of my favorite fried tortilla chips… yeah… probably that!! What!? I’m turning 30, I deserve to eat as many damn bags of chips as I want…

I’m with the band.

Blissful Happenings  2 - 73Blissful Happenings  2 - 78I love music. Real music… not this carly ray call me-gaga-levato-gomez pop nonsense crap. I have two pop guilty pleasures vintage Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson(who is actually a musical genius). Other than those two, I am completely ignorant of any popular music… ask my friends Emily and Shirley. Who, against my will, force me to listen to terrible music including gum gum style!?!? I don’t even know. I’m old. I like real music. Luckily, we know some people who still play real music and when they visited SoCal The Captain and I had a weekend of fun! I’m just gonna say it, I’d make a terrific groupie– minus all the pervy stuff. Get your head outta the gutta! This was my chilly night concert look! I love dressing for outdoor concerts here in San Diego because you know you are going to be a little cold, but get all amped up and jump and sing, etc. Unless you are boring, then you sit the whole time and would be better off listening to the cd in the comfort of your home. Now about my Target booties, I never wear nice shoes to a concert!! There is booze and questionable sticky stuff everywhere! Ew. Gross. So I decided that I would have a designated pair of concert boots and these 35 dollar Target booties fit the bill perfectly!!! This particular pair is currently not available, but check out the cute pair I found below. 
Blissful Happenings  2 - 77
Blissful Happenings  2 - 74photos via Kelsey Erin Photography | Gotta love my photo bombing dogs. Silly boys. | [chambray] Banana Republic [vest] old Loft [coated jeans] old 7 for all Mankind, these are fab! [booties] Target, sold out, but these are so cute!! [headband] old Loft [lipstick] Nars in Mascate

photo 3[look at all those people!!!! i still get so excited!!!!!] photo 2[mean mugging with the captain before the show starts. your welcome for this]

My Styling Philosophy

blissful happenings  4 - 02I have declared 2014 the year I kick ass. I know people say that every new year, but I am one determined lady. As some of you know, I started lloStyling in 2012 and saw some growth within that, but since starting Blissful Happenings I’ve found that lloStyling was only the beginning. Blissful Happenings Studio is currently in the works and I’m so excited about what’s to come.

During a brainstorming session, I was asked about my style philosophy and how I want that to translate into my business. After much reflection it’s quite simple, I think it’s important to feel good in your clothes. BOOM!! Is your mind blown?! I know there are a lot of grand notions about style and fashion that make it seem very distant, that it’s only for lanky, thin model types, but not for the everyday woman. I don’t buy that! Clothes are meant to be fun and a piece from Gap can be just as exciting as something designer if it fits well and is styled properly! That’s where I come in!blissful happenings  4 - 12I want to inspire great style in every woman! I want the stay at home mom, the college student, and the business woman to go in their closet and love EVERY piece. I think it’s common to think of a Stylist as something only rich people have, a complete luxury, but I am here to flip that idea on it’s head. I want to help you rediscover the closet that you currently have! We might say farewell to a few things and I will always suggest new pieces to enhance your wardrobe, but I’m here to maximize what you already own! At the end of the day I want you to feel confident in your clothes! Confidence speaks volumes and I believe it is the key to blissful living. We are fans of bliss around these parts!

If you are need of styling services, hit up the Hire Me page above! And remember, you don’t need to be in San Diego, we can do all consults over Skype! Oh the glorious internet! We are working to have a legit site in the next few months and are planning a giveaway here on the blog!! Stay tuned for awesomeness!!

blissful happenings  4 - 06photos via Kelsey Erin Photographer featuring Estela from Weekly Bite