November, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving World!


I’m so full this year– not of vegan stuffing, although that’s always a possibility. I’m so full of joy. It’s been a crazy year and I’m so happy that my little family is reunited and The Captain is home for the holidays! Hooray! I thank God daily for the beautiful, magical life I’ve been blessed with and I’m overwhelmed by all of the love in my world. I wish you all the happiest Thanksgiving!!!

Lazy Girl Gift Guide

LazzzyGurl.001[PJ Pants] [Bien Sweatshirt] [Bootie Slippers] [Kelly CD] [Divergent Series] [Vegan Truffles]

I’m a lazy person. It’s just a fact. I love any opportunity to be in my pajamas snuggled up to my puppies reading a good book with a cup of my favorite Trader Joe’s candy cane green tea. Comfy and stylish pajamas are da’ bomb! These pj bottoms are so much fun and would even look cute out and about, don’t believe me?? Keep reading. I’m obsessed with this Madewell sweatshirt, it’s brilliant! No wonder it keeps selling out! I just want to curl up next to the fire with those vegan chocolates, turn on some Kelly Clarkson Christmas music, and read the newest awesome YA novel. If that doesn’t sound like lazy girl paradise then I just don’t know what does!

LazyGurl.001[booties] [chambray] [bag] [initial ring] [baseball cap]

So here’s proof that good pajamas can transition to casual daywear pretty easily!! I think this is such a cute look and all the pieces are great gifts for the lazy fashionista. I’m obsessed with these booties and they are such a great value!! And I love-love-love this little B ring. I’ve been wanting a piece of jewelry with The Captain’s initial on it to show my undying love and this fits the bill!! Hope this helps you shop for some of the ladies in your life! Be sure to check back Monday, The Captain will have his list of must haves, straight from the man himself, for the dude in your life!



newport beach-socalI can’t tell you how much I love vacation. It’s one of my favorite things in the entire world. I don’t even have to be going far, although that never hurts, I just love the carefree attitude of being on vacation, especially when The Captain is actually with me! This trip brought us to The OC, Newport Beach to be exact, which is only about an hour away. That’s right folks, we went on a freakin’ Staycation! Boo-ya!!! We were able to catch up with old friends, eat food, oh so much food, play dirty card games, and see how the other half lives. Here’s a wee little photo diary of our fun!!

photo 1Beautiful, right?? Yeah it was waaaay too cold to get in the pool, but it did provide a stunning view! And come on, people sized chess pieces?? Awesome-sauce!

photo 3So who’s the most awesome vegan orderer ever? Oh yeah, this girl!! I managed to make a deliciously yummy sandwich at a seafood restaurant with zero vegetarian options, let alone vegan. It can always be done! Avocado sandwich, with onion, arugula, and tomatoes and a super healthy side of fries. What!? I’m on vacation and fries are delicious! Take your judgement elsewhere!!! Ppppshaaaww
photo 4I call this look the “chic tourist” and I think it delivers. And let me take a minutes to gush over my Target booties, yes Target! They are brilliant and at 36 dollars, I can’t for the life of me understand why you don’t have them yet! Go!!!! Purchase!! [top] Banana [denim] J Brand [booties] Target [scarf] Target [bag] Rebecca Minkoff
photo 5Fred Raptor, followers. Followers, Fred Raptor. Yeaaahhhhh, so rich people are weird as shit. This is just sitting in the front lawn of one of Balboa Island’s crazy wealthy residents. I mean the houses here are so baller there are literally no words, so of course one of these crazies puts a massive Velociraptor in their front yard and names it Fred and gives him his own Facebook. Totally normal.

Leek and Sun-Dried Deliciousness

vegan-pasta-gluten free2

My mom, Sandy, is the queen of throwing a pasta dish together. Seriously, she can make anything taste delicious. ANYTHING. So when Sandy came to visit a few weeks ago, I tasked myself with the challenge of creating a delicious Sandy-like pasta with only ingredients I had on hand! I also decided I wanted to make it gluten AND oil free on top of being vegan. Challenge accepted!!! It turned out pretty great, but the consensus was that it was a touch dry and I should’ve added olives… Picky, picky. Now I’m no quitter so I decided to try again and this time I got it right! It’s such a delicious mix of textures and flavors, and it solidifies my love of leeks. Those tasty little bastards are so freaking good.

vegan-pasta-gluten free1

Feeds 4 super hungry folks

1 pound Trader Joe’s brown rice fusilli pasta

2 tablespoons veggie stock + any extra you need

1 can white beans, rinsed and strained

3 garlic cloves, minced

2 leeks, trimmed, rinsed, and chopped

1 cup mushrooms, sliced

1 cup kale, de-ribbed and shredded

1/4 cup kalamata olives, chopped

1/3 cup sun dried tomatoes, chopped

1/2 cup pasta water


Get pasta cooking per package instructions. Be sure to never overcook gluten free pasta, it goes from perfectly al dente to mushy at the drop of a hat. Start the leeks with the 2 tablespoons of veggie stock and a pinch of salt. Once they are softened, add garlic and mushrooms and another lil’ pinch ‘o’ salt. Adding any stock if the pan gets dry. Once they are all cooked add kale and another heaping pinch of salt and some pepper. Once the kale is wilted toss in the remaining ingredients to heat through. Toss the pasta water, add strained pasta, and mix thoroughly. Enjoy with a big freaking glass of wine. Wine is optional, but encouraged.

Sweater Weather

Blissful Happenings - September 2013 - 065 Blissful Happenings - September 2013 - 071pics by Kelsey Erin Photography  | [sweater] old, but I love this one [tee]target men’s section [faux leather pants] bb dakota on sale! [booties] cole haan [lipstick] MAC Morange

I can’t help myself, I love the cold… or what I’ve now come to think of as cold. It’s pathetic, but anything under 55 is freezing. So while that makes me a giant wuss, it also means I can get away with faux leather pants and a massive wool sweater without it ACTUALLY being freezing outside. It’s fun to get in touch with your inner badass. My inner badass thinks she’s a rockstar and can get away with any look… no matter how ridiculous. Sometimes leather leggings are absolutely appropriate for running to the grocery store…

Women Who Rock

Tatum Kathleen PhotographyIt’s that time again!!! And this month we are featuring one of my favorite human beings on the planet Tatum Clark of Tatum Kathleen Photography! You can see her shots all over our site and yes, the word you are looking for is genius. Her charm and humor make her a freaking joy to be around, she can wear a hat like nobodies business and don’t get me started on her laugh… it will complete your life!!! And on top of being a wonderful person, she’s a brilliant artist who can capture moments like no other photographer I’ve ever met! And on top of that, she manages to make photo shoots fun! I could literally keep going forever and ever! She recently moved to the East Coast (sadness), but check out her site if you are interested in finding out more about this ah-mazing chick!!!!

couple-shootWhat’s your favorite thing to shoot? Boudoir.  Hands down. Helping women look fabulous and feel empowered. It’s an incredible thing.

What is the most common mistake folks make during photo shoots? I think the biggest mistake is making it stressful or worrying about it.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  If we are doing a photo shoot on the beach it is guaranteed your 2 year old will eat fists full of sand and ‘ruin’ their outfit.  They will look adorable regardless. It’s ok that you wanted to lose 15 lbs prior to your appointment date (and didn’t), you are beautiful just as you are. If your son woke up and decided he would wear NOTHING other than superman underwear and his cape to the photo session. Perfect. Bring him in just like that. I prefer to document the beauty in the imperfect.

Best advice for a nervous boudoir client besides alcohol? Avoid alcohol unless you think your droopy ‘i’ve been drinking’ eye lid is sexy. haha  Loving yourself.  Having confidence. That is what sexy is, and it shows in the photos. Remind yourself how fabulous you are, give yourself a slap on the ass, and get out there and ‘smize’ the shit out of that camera. Make me proud ladies.


What makes a super magical family picture? A magical family photo, in my opinion, is one that conveys the love the family has for one another.  I always end up preferring the family photos that are candid, and in the moment. Everyone who shoots with me knows I’m a sucker for forehead kisses and ‘schnuggling’. I want my families holding hands, snuggling, playing, laughing. Just being themselves. 

I am constantly dragging my clients to various ‘magic’ locations, like the magic TREE!  or this magical ROCK! Everything seems magical to me when I’m setting up a shot. I get really excited. I love my job. Lame. I know.

Why are you so awesome?  I suspect that I was, in fact, born awesome. Sarcasm and sass contribute to this as well.